George Kamel and His Wife Whitney Have Welcomed a Gorgeous Baby Girl

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Co-host of The Ramsey Show George Kamel with his wife and baby [Photo: Facebook/OfficialGeorgeKamel]

George Kamel and his wife were excited and couldn’t wait to meet their baby Kamel. He was already a dog dad before becoming a father to a tiny, adorable human.

Nevertheless, becoming his daughter has been his most impressive and wholesome experience.

Kamel’s Baby Girl Arrived In the Last Week of August

Kamel and his wife, Whitney Kamel, were blessed with an adorable baby girl on August 25, 2023. Their angel had a safe delivery and is now under her parent’s warm care. His spouse powered through a quick delivery like a champion.

The caring parents named her Mia Jane Kamel. Childbirth has become one of the most incredible things that Kamel has witnessed. Their angel has no idea how lucky she is to have a mother like Whitney.

Kamel made a humorous but thoughtful joke about her baby girl’s future finances. [Photo: Instagram]

Sharing the good news on Instagram, he stated how he was thankful for the god for the little gift and also thanked everyone who gave all the love and prayers.

Lots of people congratulated the duo and expressed how happy they were. The YouTuber also wanted to respond to every comment but was busy caring for his baby girl.

He said he was overwhelmed with all those individuals’ love and kindness. In the meantime, the finance expert also made a financial joke with a thoughtful approach.

He jokingly revealed he would set up a 529 plan soon and not buy her a horse instead, he would teach her to save for one.

Furthermore, he would even attempt to scare her away and convey the importance of financial responsibility and the reality of making rational choices.

Before the birth of their children, the pair had done maternity shoots. The blissfully married couple looked jubilant in the golden rays of the sunshine.

He would be smitten if their daughter had even an ounce of beauty and grace as his better half. Well, the finance expert was smitten for sure.

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Kamel and His Wife Had Won a Free Wedding

Kamel and his spouse didn’t want to spend much on their wedding. When Whitney looked at even bottom-line venues, she was highly discouraged. They both refused to go into debt as wedding ceremonies are quite expensive.

Further, Kamel’s company aims to help people live within their means and escape debt. So, the duo competed in the Raven Wood Mansion Wedding Giveaway, and to win a free wedding there, they asked their audiences to vote for them.

That was significant because they could use the money saved for their wedding towards their house payment. The lovely duo fortunately won a free $28,000 wedding.

The YouTuber and his spouse thanked all the 1600+ people who liked and shared their videos. Their viewer’s support and kind words have been the most surprising and wonderful part of the whole thing.

Finally, Kamel and Whitney exchanged their wedding vows in November 2018, and he shared a snippet of their big day on his Instagram.

Kamel and Whitney, on their wedding day. [Photo: Instagram]

They were surrounded by the people they loved the most, but all he could focus on that day was his stunning bride. He thanked the Ravens Wood Mansion for an excellent free wedding package and the best vendors in Nashville.

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The New Parents Work in the Same Company

Kamel and his wife have shared their professional life along with their romantic life. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Communication, General from the University of Arkansas.

During her college days, she did an International Cultural Exchange, which she initiated daily with Indians in target areas to survey and learn about their culture.

The lovely lady began to work professionally as a Forge Student, Retreat/Conference Hostess, and Work Crew Director in Pine Cove. After ten months, She was promoted to Store Management and director’s Family Assistant.

Kamel and his partner work at the same company. [Photo: Kamel’s Instagram]

There, she served for over a year and was a Patient Service Representative / Central Appointment Scheduler at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre for five months.

Then, she began working as an Executive Experience Director’s Assistant for over two years at Ramsey Solutions, A Dave Ramsey Company, and was promoted to Executive Assistant.

She has worked in that post for more than six years. Similarly, her husband, Kamel, has worked for Ramsey Solutions for over a decade. It was where they met, and their love story flourished.

Initially, he was a Social Recruiting Ambassador for six months, then became an E-mail Marketing Specialist for over two years.

After that, he was a Social Media Marketer at Ramsey Personalities for over a year. He was then the Host of the Dave Ramsay Show Video Channel and live Events Emcee for more than three years, and talked for a living in front of cameras and on stages, attempting to entertain audiences.

Further, the personal finance expert was a full-time Ramsey Host for four years and is now a Ramsey Personality who is helping his audiences make the most out of their money to make the most of their life.

Besides their professional life, the lovely couple enjoys going to the beach with their dogs, as one time they went to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, along with the two dogs. Further, Kamel’s wife celebrates her birthday in November.

Kamel and Whitney enjoyed their time at beach along with their dogs. [Photo: Instagram]

The finance expert’s spouse is compassionate, empathetic, non-judgemental, selfless, fun, adventurous, and always cute. Nevertheless, both are caring parents and live a balanced life.