Hazen Audel [TV Presenter] Facts- Wiki, Age, Family, Partner, Wife, Net Worth, Height

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Last Updated : January 11, 2023

Who is Hazen Audel?

Hazen Audel is an American television presenter, survival instructor, and naturalist. He is known for hosting and producing the television series “Primal Survivor,” in which he travels to different parts of the world to learn and demonstrate survival skills in various environments.

Hazen Audel Bio, Age

Hazen Audel is a very talented man. Born on January 25, 1974, he is an Aquarius known for their practicality, attention to detail, and hardworking nature – all qualities that have undoubtedly contributed to Hazen’s success as a television presenter, survival instructor, and naturalist.

When he’s not busy traveling the world for his show “Primal Survivor,” on CBS Hazen, currently 48 years old, explores the great outdoors and learns about different cultures and traditions. Though his exact religion is not publicly known, one thing is for sure: Hazen’s love for adventure and the natural world knows no bounds.

Hazen is a modern-day renaissance man, combining his skills as a TV presenter, biologist, natural history guide, artist, and craftsman to bring us on exciting adventures worldwide. From his popular National Geographic series “Survive the Tribe” to “Primal Survivor,” we have seen Hazen immerse himself in indigenous cultures and learn survival techniques from some of the Earth’s most remote regions.

But Hazen’s passion for the natural world doesn’t stop on screen – he also founded The Wild Classroom. This non-profit organization provides educational videos on natural history for teachers and students. And with roots in Kootenai and Salish Native American and Greek descent, Hazen truly represents the diverse tapestry of humanity.

Hazen Audel
Hazen in Indigenous Dress [Source:Facebook]

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His Childhood

Audel is a survival expert and television host who has always been passionate about nature. Growing up, he loved collecting bugs and snakes, and his parents supported his love of the outdoors. However, Audel struggled with dyslexia in school and was often teased by his classmates. Despite these challenges, he excelled in biology and pursued a career.

Since he was 19, Audel has traveled the world, immersing himself in different cultures and learning valuable survival skills. He has faced many life-changing experiences on his adventures but sometimes struggles to adjust to life back in the United States and maintain the principles he has learned from other cultures.

Hazen Audel as Kid
Hazen Audel as Kid [Source: Facebook]

Hazen Audel Family, Education

Hazen Audel is a man of many accomplishments and cultural influences. Born in Spokane, Washington, on January 25, 1974, to Kootenai and Salish Native American parents with Greek ancestry, Hazen has always been surrounded by diverse cultures.

He made the most of this upbringing by pursuing higher education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Entomology and Art from Western Washington University, as well as a Master in Ethnobotany and Tropical Ecology from the University of Hawaii and a Masters in Teaching from Whitworth College. His linguistic skills are just as impressive, as he can also hold conversations in Quichua and Vanuatu pidgin.

Despite his incredible adventures as a TV presenter, survival instructor, and naturalist, Hazen remains close to his roots and spends much of his time in his hometown with his beloved parents.

Hazen Audel
Hazen Audel in one of his trips [Source: Facebook]

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Audel’s Career Journey

Audel’s love of nature led him to a career as a jungle guide, where he spent years immersing himself in the rainforests of Indonesia and Ecuador. He also taught Art and Biology at Ferris High School for 11 years while continuing to travel to remote locations around the world.

In 2003, Audel co-founded The Wild Classroom, a non-profit organization that produces natural history educational videos for teachers and students. In 2012, Audel left teaching to host a television show for National Geographic. His first show, “Survive the Tribe,” aired in 2014 and took him to some of the most inhospitable locations on Earth. In 2019, Audel hosted another documentary series, “Ultimate Survival WWII,” exploring the incredible wilderness survival stories from World War II.

Hazen Audel Height & Body

Hazen Audel is a fit and adventurous guy known for his rugged good looks and impressive physique. While his exact body measurements are not publicly available, it is estimated that he stands at around 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 70 kg. With his solid and athletic build, Audel is well-equipped for his adventures in the wilderness and his work as a survival expert and television host. His striking brown eyes and charming personality only add to his overall attractiveness. Despite his rugged exterior, Audel is a straight man with a deep love and respect for nature.

Hazen Audel
Hazen Audel in one of his trips [Source: Facebook]

Is Hazen Audel Married?

Hazen Audel is a mystery man with a passion for adventure and a love of nature that keeps him busy and on the go. Despite his rugged and outdoorsy lifestyle, Audel has not yet tied the knot and is currently unmarried. While he has not made any public statements about his plans for the future, he seems focused on his career and may not have time for a relationship at the moment.

In the past, Audel was in a long-term relationship that ultimately ended tragically, and he has not been linked to anyone else since. However, despite his busy schedule and time spent in the wild, Audel still manages to connect with his followers on social media, where he has amassed over 72.6K followers on Instagram. From the comfort of their screens, his fans can join him on his amazing adventures and get a glimpse into the life of this adventurous and enigmatic survival expert.

Hazen Audel
Hazen Audel

How Much is Hazen Audel Net Worth?

Hazen Audel works very hard and is dedicated to his various professions which have paid off in a big way. With an estimated net worth of $100K to $1M, Audel is a financially successful individual. As a television host and survival expert, Audel likely earns a substantial salary, potentially up to $75,000 per season. In addition to his TV work, Audel has his own YouTube channel, which generates additional income for him. Audel’s diverse range of income streams has allowed him to accumulate a jaw-dropping fortune.


What is His Nationality?

Well, Hazen Audel is a proud American with roots of Native American and Greek Ancestry

Did Hazen Audel Died?

No, Hazen Audel has not died and is very much alive and working.

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