Henry Dicarlo’s Wife: Founder of National Rescue Dog Day

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

KTLA Meteorologist Henry Dicarlo with his wife Lisa Wiehebrink [Photo: Instagram/henrydicarloktla5]

Henry DiCarlo shares a committed and lovely marital life with his wife, Lisa Wiehebrink. They have been together for quite a long time since walking down the aisle in May 1997.

Speaking of his other half, she developed a fantastic initiative, National Rescue Dog Day, which is celebrated every year on May 20. Here are the details one should learn about it.

Dicarlo’s Wife Founded Tails That Teach

Henry DiCarlo’s wife founded National Rescue Dog Day, as noted earlier. However, she is also the founder of Tails That Teach, which aims to encourage children to be kind to all living things.

Also, she has partnered with animal organizations & highlights them. One is Dog is My CoPilot, which rescues dogs set to be euthanized and flies them to rescues that will take them in and help them escape certain death.

Henry DiCarlo’s loving wife, Lisa Wiehebrink. [Photo: Tails That Teach’s Instagram]

In addition, DiCarlo’s partner also has a series of school and shelter programs. One can catch into Tail That Tails’ inspiring activities on their Instagram under the username @tailsthatteach.

Moreover, Dicarlo and his spouse have also rescued dogs and have named them Cooper, LeRoy, Otis & Lucy. They usually upload posts about them during National Rescue Dog Day.

Unfortunately, Cooper is no longer with them as he has passed away.

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Lisa Has Authored Many Award Winning Books

With Lisa’s love for animals and personal experience raising children, she became motivated to write a book showing a profound connection between both. Presently, Lisa has a series of books relating to it.

A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend and Gray Whiskers, including A Kid’s Guide for Loved Ones Growing Older, are books written by Dicarlo’s beloved. These books express the connection between people and animals.

In addition, Lisa’s book Love Me Gently won Best Humane Education Book for Young Children in 2023. The Association of Professional Humane Educators awarded it, and she felt incredibly honored.

Henry DiCarlo’s spouse with her authored books. [Photo: Tails That Teach’s Instagram]

With her Tails That Teach, Dicarlo’s better half donates her books to humane societies and elementary schools nationwide.

She inspires children to care for pets, which makes them learn important lessons such as kindness, patience, unconditional love, compassion, and empathy.

She believes it will help them relate to the people in their lives from childhood to adulthood.

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See How It Began for Dicarlo and Lisa

Henry DiCarlo met his soulmate, Lisa, while she was hanging out with her friends in Palm Desert & he was working as a young reporter. They might have developed romantic feelings from that meeting.

After their first date, Dicarlo knew she was the one for him, but it wasn’t in the case of Lisa. She was initially on a break with someone, and her then-partner was on a break to find himself, but she kept options open for the reporter.

It was a shocker for DiCarlo when Lisa’s partner came back later proposing to her, and she also accepted it. No matter what, his love for her was pure, and he wrote an eight-page letter when the wedding date got close, cautioning her against the decision.

Despite initial silence, Lisa reached out later with a Halloween card, signaling an open door for him. From that point, they have been inseparable and married for a long time.

In addition, they are the parents of two sons,  Henry III and Jack, with whom they love spending time together. They have done a great job raising their kids with love and care.

Henry DiCarlo with his sons. [Photo: Henry DiCarlo’s Instagram]

In conclusion, DiCarlo leads a blissful marital life with his wife, capturing beautiful memories.

Their family has also been complete with their two sons and three dogs enjoying a fun time and cherishing their prosperous life.