Club Owner Ingrid Casares’s, Age, Family, Married, Son, Net Worth

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Who is Ingrid Casares?

Ingrid is a famous ex of the superstar Madonna. Casares is a renowned American club owner with several clubs in different places. She has been known for befriending various celebrities and helping them cultivate their image.

Casares has had a very interesting journey from being a Catholic schoolgirl to being the owner of clubs that celebrities attend. The club owner is known for her affair with Madonna and is considered a Lesbian icon.

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Short Bio: Age, Birth, Ethnicity

Ingrid Casares was born in 1964 in Little Havana, Miami, Florida. She is currently in her late 50s. However, her exact date of birth and zodiac sign is yet to be known.

The club owner is a Cuban-American. She is a descent of Cuban parents.

Ingrid’s Father Is Former President’s Lawyer

Ingrid Casares has a very supportive family. The celeb was born in Miami to her father, Raul Casares, who was Donald Trump’s lawyer, and her mother, Nancy, who was a former teacher. She was a very mischievous and rowdy child, the middle child among 3 girls.

Ingrid with his son during his graduation day. [Photo: Ingrid’s Instagram]

The star’s mother reminisces how different she was from her sisters and loved being the center of attention, even with excellent academics, at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, a strict Catholic high school in Miami. Her rebellious behavior made her dabble in drugs.

After getting into drugs, the habit became uncontrollable for her family. Her parents, being supportive, tried to help her, but Ingrid suffered from the problem for five more years.

For bachelor’s, the star joined the University of Miami for her first year but eventually graduated from the University of Maryland.

Ingrid Casares’s Career History

In the early days of her career, Ingrid Casares parked cars and hung out in South Beach Clubs. Casares looked amazed at people, and photographers requested for her to model. Initially, the star refused, but eventually, she gave it a shot.

She worked as a model for Wilhelmina Men. Her looks caught Madonna’s eyes, and then the star was featured in Madonna’s controversial book Sex.

Ingrid is a thriving club owner. [Photo: Instagram]

However, even if she garnered fame from the feature in the book, Casares wanted to make a career of herself without Madonna’s help.

As much as the star credits Madonna for her acquaintances, it was her passion and determination that led her to start Grid Incorporated, an artist and project development company for the music industry.

Casares guided many Hispanic singers through the company, including the famous Latina singer Shakira. Later, in 1995, Casares partnered with Paciello, and they opened a club called Liquid in Miami Beach.

The club’s opening night it featured many great celebs, such as Naomi Campbell, David Geffen, Calvin Klein, Michael Caine, and Kate Moss. The celebrity is grateful to her parents for the success she has gotten.

Ingrid’s Former Girlfriend Was Madonna’s Best Friend

The club owner has been in quite a few relationships. She identifies herself as a Lesbian. The star dated Sandra Bernhard, who was Madonna’s best friend. They were best friends before breaking apart in 1992.

Ingrid had claimed that Sandra’s friendship with Madonna fell out because she was invited to be in the pop star’s infamous sex book, but that wasn’t the case.

The truth was that Madonna had an affair with Ingrid, and Sandra was betrayed by her best friend. The book didn’t hurt her, but her best friend stole her love, which was a painful experience.

Her other relationship rumor was when she had partnered with Chris Paciello. They had opened a liquid nightclub 25 years ago and pioneered South Beach nightlife.

They placed dance music on the Billboard dance charts for the first time. Besides that, not much is known about the romantic relationship between her and Chris. Nevertheless, Chris is now currently living blissfully with his beautiful wife, Lauren Nicole Goodman.

Ingrid had an affair with Madonna.

She shared a great bond with Madonna. They dated briefly from 1992 to 1994. Due to some unaddressed reasons, the couple broke up.

Moreover, the club owner seems conflicted with her ex-girlfriend, Sandra Bernhard, as the star called her a liar for attacking Madonna’s relationship.


Currently, she enjoys her life and loves posting about her son on Instagram. Plus, she shares her opinions and thoughts on Twitter and is active on both social media handles.

Furthermore, as Madonna’s ex-girlfriend, she had come to her defense on Twitter in response to Lady Gaga’s recent comments about her.

Her Son is Now a Grown Up Man

Ingrid Casares is blessed with one son, Nico. He was born in 2000 and is currently 23 years old. Her son is a grown-up man, and she shared a humorous post on his 21st birthday.

She captioned that when she closed her eyes, a man stood before her where a boy used to be. Then, she wished her son a happy birthday while joking that she couldn’t believe she kept him alive for 21 years.

Nicole is a low-key man who kept his Instagram account private, but her mother has made several posts about him. She has shared an Instagram post of her son’s graduation ceremony. Further, her baby boy was on his college’s football team.

Furthermore, she told a story of an evening spent in Miami several years ago in a post published in the Miami Herald in 2015, where she confirmed that Nico’s father is Schaller.

She said, “Our group was formed by Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Guy Oseary, besides me and Dennis Schaller, my boyfriend at the time and the father of my son.”

Nevertheless, her son is now a grown-up man, and she has fulfilled her duties and responsibilities as a mother.

Ingrid Casares’s Net Worth and Her Successful Business

Ingrid has had a blooming career both as a model and club owner. The star’s clubs are thriving all around. Her net worth with all property and assets is around $6 million.

Physical Appearance

The star has become a model with a very fit and healthy figure with gorgeous facial features. She has short black hair that complements her beautiful brown eyes. She is of good height and seems to be in good shape.

5 Quick Facts About Her

  • The star grew up in Coral Gables.
  • Casares was a very good athlete in sports, swimming, diving, tennis, and basketball.
  • As a child, she was an avid reader.
  • The star’s mother had to work as a substitute teacher because of Ingrid’s behavior.
  • The Estefans also are influential figures in her career. They inspired the star to start Grid Incorporated.