Looks Like Isabell Afro Got Her Moves From Her Parents

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

Danish Social Media Influencer Isabell Afro [Photo: Instagram/isabell.afro]

Isabell Afro is a Danish social media personality popular for dancing content on social platforms, especially TikTok. While her boyfriend has a usual appearance, she features her parents in her videos on rare occasions.

Isabell is occasionally seen enjoying dance moves with her folks. Let’s Learn the details about it in brief.

Both of Isabell’s Parents at Times Show Their Dancing Moves

Isabell Afro shares a close relationship with her mom and dad. Undoubtedly, they are one of the supporters in her dancing journey and sometimes surprisingly accompany her while she is dancing.

Once, while Isabell was dancing to a song, her father unexpectedly joined in and stole the whole show through his dancing moves. On the other hand, her mom encouraged both of them, mainly her husband.

Isabell Afro has loving parents. [Photo: Isabell Afro’s Instagram]

In addition, many showed their love in the comment section after seeing that video on YouTube. One of the users commented, “Your parents supporting your career warms my heart, keep it up!”

Moreover, the dancer has a caring and fun-loving father and mother. She once uploaded a TikTok where they joined in & didn’t let her drink the liquor, also making some comical expressions.

Isabell’s fans are familiar with her folks and immediately recognize them whenever they appear. She once asked her followers to guess the person in one of her videos, and they commented that it was her mom.

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Isabelle’s Boyfriend Is Also Close to Her Dad and Mom

Isabell Afro and her boyfriend, Rays, share a lovely romantic relationship. She isn’t shy about her love life and openly shares it with her fans on Instagram.

Without a doubt, Isabella’s partner is close to her, but he also has good relations with her folks. During their holiday, the couple visited her home country, Denmark, to visit her family and friends.

Isabell Afro with her loving boyfriend. [Photo: Isabell Afro’s Instagram]

While they were in Denmark, Isabell’s lover met her parents for the first time, and it was also his first time in Europe. The couple visited many places and did many fun-filled activities, which she featured on her Instagram highlights.

Speaking of their dating life, the social media star first met Rays while living in Dar es Salaam with her friend Sarah. He always used to stay at their place, and they possibly developed romantic feelings later dating.

In addition, the loving duo has been sharing their romantic life for over a year. They enjoy their love life, traveling to different destinations and capturing beautiful memories together.

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Isabelle Also Has Got a Beautiful Sister

Isabell Afro has a lovely sister, Sarah, whom she occasionally features on her Instagram feeds.

Isabell Afro with her sweet sister. [Photo: Isabell Afro’s Instagram]

Sarah is a fun-loving person who loves traveling to different locations and enjoying quality time. She has visited places like Stockholm and enjoyed time in Sigiriya, located in Sri Lanka.

The dancer’s sister once made a post when she went to Serengeti National Park with her family and noted she had a distinguished visit from them. Sarah’s sister replied in that post, “Then the fine visit can come to Dar!!”

Furthermore, both sisters love each other immensely and accompany each other, whether attending a dance show or spending family time together.

In conclusion, the 24-year-old Isabell has a loving and supportive family who are always by her side. Similarly, her love life is also going well, and many are hopeful they will continue to share more years.