J Schwanke And His Spouse’s Togetherness of Over Two Decades

Last Updated : November 28, 2023


J Schwanke got married to his spouse, Kelly James Blank, on October 21, 2013. Furthermore, the two have been together for over 25 years.

They are so connected that they have always supported one another. He feels safe when Blank is around with him.

How It All Began for Schwanke and His Spouse

The florist spoke out about his intriguing love story with Kelly James Blank in February 2020 in an interview with 13 ON YOUR SIDE.

Schwanke initially was searching for a perfect mate, and he made many mistakes with people. So, it was hard for him to find the perfect person.

Then, he went to a psychic, who told him he was Pisces and should be with Scorpio. Furthermore, she said that she could do his star chart.

So, she did it and said that his perfect mate would be born on November 19th. Later on, he met Kellly. They were both in the studio together, and both of them were working for a company.

The two talked a bit and just got along well as friends. One day, the Senator asked about Kelly’s birthday, and he said November 19th.

J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank have been together for more than two decades [Source: Schwanke’s Instagram]

Since then, their love story began. They couldn’t marry at first, but later, it was lawful for them to do so. The duo formally got married in 2013 but have been together for 25 years.

They knew they would be together from the start and worked hard to make that happen. Both of them respect each other feelings.

Schwanke calls his love story “perfect.” His spouse, Kelly, dislikes being in the spotlight but is constantly present behind the scenes with him.

Their excellent skills, mutual love of floral design, and willingness to collaborate create an environment where they can always develop great work.

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Kelly Is a Talented Graphic Designer

Kelly James Blank is a freelance graphic designer and executive producer at J Schwanke’s Life In Bloom on public television. In addition, he is also the owner of Blank Art and Design.

He has extensive experience with the art direction of photo shoots, logo and identity design for print, illustration, and more.

He began his career in July 1989 at Wolverine World Wide, working as a graphic designer. Then, after two years, he was promoted to Senior Art Director.

Blank worked there for over a decade and left in March 2005. From then on, he went to uBloom as a designer and still works there.

In terms of his education, he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design.

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Kelly Creates Beautiful Slides, Headers, and Ads at uBloom

Kelly, the owner of Blank Art & Design, works as a graphic artist in uBloom, which was founded by his partner Schwanke.

He designs all the beautiful slides, headers, ads, and many more. In fact, Kelly created almost all of the incredible visuals you see on uBloom, including the awesome new banner for their bi-monthly newsletter.

His style is bold and whimsical, layering clean pictures with bright computer graphics and legible text.

Kelly James Blank works as a Graphic art guru in uBloom, which J Schwanke founded. [Source: Youtube/13 ON YOUR SIDE]

Furthermore, Kelly also contributes his experience and talent to the FUN with Flowers and J webisodes’ filming and editing. He is highly involved with FWFandJ and uBloom branding and marketing.

He helps his partner to grow the company. They share a close bond together and always spend quality time together.