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Last Updated : March 26, 2023


Jay Bilas is a former college basketball player, now an ESPN and CBS Sports analyst. His 1992 recruiting class at Duke included future All-Americans Johnny Dawkins, Mark Alarie, and David Henderson. In the same year, he married the artist Wendy Johnson, and they have a son and a daughter.

Jay Bilas Stalked His Wife

In an interview in 2011, Bilas explained how he and his wife first met. That includes Jay’s “stalking” of Wendy. It worked out because his wife was a cheerleader at Duke, where the CBS Sports analyst went to school.

After considering the idea, he pursued her, and the two eventually became a couple.

Jay Bilas and his wife Wendy Bilas [Photo: Instagram]

Artist Wendy founded “Wendy Bilas Fine Arts.” She comes from an artsy family with a photographer father, an oil painter aunt, and an actress and pianist sister.

Wendy Bilas, the wife of a famous analyst, is a contemporary impressionist painter. Her light-focused paintings have loose, expressive brushwork. Wendy’s bold color, rhythm, and emotional interpretations of familiar scenes show her love of nature.

Wendy uses her composition and calculated brushstrokes to give her work simplicity and soulfulness inspired by classic impressionists. Since 2002, Wendy, from Western Maryland, has painted professionally.

She was a North Carolina Art with Heart Emerging Artist and won Southeast juried shows. Mrs. Bilas lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas, and works in her studio. Sozo Gallery and charity auctions nationwide sell her work.

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Heard the one about how Jay put his wife ahead of his coaching career?

It’s true what you’ve read. There have been rumors that we all know the great college basketball analyst has switched to coaching. Wendy’s unwillingness to become a coach’s wife was the only factor that prevented it from happening.

An old photo of Jay Bilas with his wife Wendy Bilas [Photo: Instagram]

When Jay and Wendy tied the knot in 1992, he was an assistant coach at Duke. However, after Wendy made her decision, Jay realized that there were some things he was willing to give up.

In addition, the Tv personality understood that coaching is a very demanding profession. And that was something he certainly didn’t want for his loved ones.
Perhaps, it was the best option to go that route.

ESPN Analyst’s Talented Kids

Jay Bilas’ daughter Tori was born on September 14, 1994, and her younger brother Anthony on September 23, 1996. Anthony, like Jay Bilas, plays basketball while Tori rides horses. 

Tori Bilas was the weird middle school horse girl who never grew up. She loves animals and art. Her life integrates her passions. She lives in Lexington, KY, where she rides horses and creates custom art.

Jay Bilas showing his daughter’s art skills [Photo: Instagram]

Like father, like son is a cliché, but it’s true. Anthony, like his father, played basketball until recently. While attending Wake Forest University, he played basketball. Anthony uploaded a photo of himself in his basketball jersey and thanked his school for letting him play. Playing for his university was an honor.

Jay messing with his daughter’s Emmy Award [Photo: Instagram]

Tori Bilas is a loving daughter and sister to her parents and younger brother. However, Jay has shown that he enjoys messing with his daughter and post it on Instagram.

Motivation To Cancer

Jay Bilas and Sage Steele have joined the V Foundation for Cancer Research’s Board of Directors. Bilas, a lawyer and college basketball analyst, joined ESPN in 1995 and co-hosts “College GameDay.” Since 2007, Steele has hosted ESPN’s “SportsCenter on the Road” and other shows. Bilas and Steele are two of ESPN’s most well-known commentators.

Jay, in his new book Toughness [Photo: Facebook]

“Toughness” is ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas’ new book. In addition, Dr. Henry Friedman and Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center patients get a chapter.

Jay giving best wishes to John Metchie [Photo: Twitter]

The former college basketball player wishes John Metchie well in his diagnosis battle.

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As the NCAA Tournament begins, ESPN’s Jay Bilas writes an open love letter to New Jersey’s Dick Vitale, battling cancer.

“To Dick, if you’re reading this: We are all so proud of you for continuing to fight. It’s simply awesome (sorry: AWESOME, BABY!) to hear that you’re in remission. We cannot wait for you to be back. And just know that this entire sport — and pretty much anyone who’s watched TV over the last 40 years — has got your back. And to everyone else reading this: While you’re saying a prayer for your bracket over these next few weeks, please say one for Dickie V as well. We need him to make a full recovery, as soon as possible. We need to hear an “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” again soon.

We need Dick to know that, as much as he loves college basketball…. college basketball loves him that much more.” 

The famous analyst has rarely followed anyone on social media since joining. However, Bilas has followed a few people briefly. After Shaka Smart criticized Virginia Commonwealth for making the 2011 tournament, the Rams reached the Final Four.

Bilas retweeted the following Friday morning:

Jay got praised by his follower [Photo: USAToday]

According to the Jay, cancer, concussions, and broken bones are not contagious.

Jay talking about cancer [Photo: Twitter]

As of yet, the famous analyst does not have cancer or any other illness.

Net Worth

The American sports analyst and producer have a $6.5 million net worth and a $2 million salary. Duke assistant coach Jay Bilas played basketball for Duke. In 1986, the Dallas Mavericks drafted Jay, who played in Spain’s 1st and Italy’s 2nd Divisions.

In 1993, Bilas joined Duke Radio Network as a color commentator. Two years later, he joined ESPN as a color commentator and analyst. ESPN regular Jay co-hosts “SportsCenter” and “ESPNEWS.”

In 2013, he published “Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court” and executive produced two documentaries, “The Maestro: The Rollie Massimino Story” (2018) and “The Class That Saved Coach K”(2019).

Letter To The Father

The ESPN analyst has remained mysteriously silent about his parents and his siblings.

Jay shared a Image on Twitter [Photo: Twitter]

ESPN analyst Jay shared a 1981 note Coach K wrote to his mother while recruiting Bilas for basketball at Duke. The letter was written in 1980 when Coach K recruited the second season at Duke. “Coach K recruited the moms, too,” Bilas tweeted.

Jay talking about his father [Photo: Msnbc]

Throughout Jay’s life, he has known his father to be reliable, courageous, unyielding, stubborn, self-controlled, focused, and tenacious, as described in this touching essay.

Some FAQs About Jay Bilas

Where does Jay Bilas live?

The famous analyst lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Did Jay Bilas play in the NBA?

The Dallas Mavericks indeed drafted Bilas. He played in the Italian league, ranking among the top scorers in the league in 1987 and 1988.

What is Jay Bilas’ height and weight?

He is 2.03 meters tall and weight around 235 lbs.