Jen Carfango’s Comfortable Lifestyle With Her Husband & Kids

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Jen Carfagno

Jen Carfango has been enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with her husband and kids. The American meteorologist has been involved in her profession for many years.

In all these years, Carfango might have earned significantly. Although the amount remains vague, it can be assumed that her net worth might be a notable sum, allowing her to live a comfortable life with her family.

Loves Making Memorable Moments With Family

Carfango, her husband Niel McGills, and their kids vacationed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in February 2023. They started with wild weather during their first day of skiing.

Initially, they had a super warm and sunny climate; however, it was windy. They went up Sunshine Peak as it was just reopening.

Jen Carfago was enjoying a ski trip with her husband and kids. [Photo: Instagram]

But the snow started falling out of nowhere, and it got so windy that she was barely moving down the hill. The wind was also advantageous for her as it gave her courage. She then skied a black diamond and a blue/black that she never had done before.

Then, on their last day, they again started on the first tracks, and the lovely lady and her daughter, Kelly McGills, skied until 3:30. That day, they planned to meet at Four Points Lodge as a family to enjoy the view.

They also love to watch different matches together and are seen in the stadium enjoying soccer matches. All of them are avid supporters of Atlanta United FC. Furthermore, she is also friends with dolphins named Calusa and Pandora.

She kissed them and had an epic day playing with them. She thanked the dolphin research center for providing her with that opportunity. Overall, her commendable net worth allows her to enjoy her life to the fullest.

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Salary and Net Worth From Over Two Decades of Experience

Carfango is working as the On-Camera Meteorologist at The Weather Channel. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Penn State University in 1998. Then, she dedicated her professional work to The Weather Channel, where she has served for over twenty-five years.

Well, the average salary of a meteorologist in the U.S. is around $108,155 as of 2023. Moreover, it can also range from $83K to $134K. But Carfango has yet to reveal her actual salary.

Jen Carfagno has a significant net worth after working for more than 25 years. [Carfagno’s Instagram]

With 25 years invested in the world of meteorology, she could have made a significant amount of net worth. But she doesn’t flaunt her earnings and lifestyle. She has led her life and invested most of her time in her professional world.

Nevertheless, her hard work and dedication have certainly paid off, and now she relishes her lavish life as the fruits of her hard work and determination.

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Shares Blissful Life With Husband and Daughters

Carfango and her husband, McGills, are living wonderfully married. Further, they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Natalie Carfagno and Kelly Carfagno. They are both in eleventh and ninth grade, and she is proud of them.

Carfagno’s daughters are currently studying in the eleventh and ninth grades. [Photo: Carfagno’s Instagram]

Moreover, the meteorologist and her husband are both college sweethearts and have graduated from the same university. Her husband is the Head of Global Weather Solutions, IBM Watson Advertising, and Weather of the same company as his wife.

Some sites have even mentioned that Carfango’s hubby is the former Weather Channel’s director of Weather System Development and Operations.

All in all, they both have had great careers and are proud parents of two adorable daughters.