Jill Schlesinger [Analyst] Facts- Wiki, Age, Family, Married, Partner, Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Height

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Last Updated : January 9, 2023

Who is Jill Schlesinger?

Jill Schlesinger is a financial expert and media personality. She is a CBS News Business Analyst and hosts the “Jill on Money” and “Eye on Money” podcast and radio show. Schlesinger is also the author of “The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money.” In addition to her work in media and finance, Schlesinger is also an influencer known for her expert advice and insights on personal finance and investing.

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Jill Schlesinger Short Bio:

Jill Schlesinger is a financial expert and media personality born in Scarsdale, New York, on December 9, 1966. This makes her a Sagittarius, known for their adventurous and curious nature. After earning her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs from Brown University, Schlesinger began her career as a CBS News Business Analyst and host of the “Jill on Money” and “Eye on Money” podcast and radio show.

With her knowledge and expertise in personal finance and investing, Schlesinger has become a trusted source of information for her audience. At age 56, Schlesinger continues to share her insights and advice with her audience, helping them navigate the often complex world of personal finance. She is Christian and has a Caucasian ethnicity.

Jill Schlesinger
Jill Schlesinger[Source:Facebook]

Jill Schlesinger Family and Education

Jill Schlesinger grew up in a family with a strong business background; her father, Albert E. Schlesinger, served as the president of Lubin & Schlesinger, and her mother, Susan Schlesinger, worked at Dudley Doernberg Real Estate as a salesperson. This early exposure to the business world helped shape Schlesinger’s career path and sparked her interest in finance. She also has the eldest sister Kim Schlesinger.

In high school, Schlesinger was a talented soccer player and dreamed of pursuing a sports career in college. However, after enrolling at Brown University, she realized she was not as advanced as some of her teammates and began exploring other career options. This led her to intern at a local television station, where she gained valuable insights into the industry and learned about the hard work and dedication required to produce a news broadcast.

In addition, Schlesinger also worked as a clerk at the American Stock Exchange during her summers in college, giving her a firsthand look at the world of trading. Eventually, the intern graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs in 1987. She then moved on to work in finance.

Her Career Journey

Before launching her career in media, Schlesinger worked as a self-employed options trader and later served as Chief Investment Officer at a regional investment advisory firm. In 2013, Schlesinger returned to the media world as a business analyst for CBS News.

She has served as an expert on various financial topics, including the economy, markets, investing, and personal finance. In addition to her role at CBS, Schlesinger writes a nationally syndicated column for Tribune Media Services and frequently gives motivational speeches at various events and conferences.
In February 2019, she published her first book, which offers practical advice on improving one’s financial well-being.

Jill is also the host of the famous “Jill on Money” podcast and radio show, which won the Gracie Award for Best National Talk Show in 2018 and 2021. In addition, she is a sought-after speaker on various topics, including economic and market trends, workplace issues for women and LGBT employees in finance, and how to build authentic personal branding.

Jill Schlesinger’s Podcast

Schlesinger is a true standout in the world of personal finance and media, and her hard work and dedication have not gone unrecognized. In 2018, she received the Personal Finance Reporting Award from the National Endowment for Financial Education, recognizing her outstanding contributions.

She has been nominated for Emmy Awards and was honored with a Special Achievement Award from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors in the same year. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Schlesinger continues to educate and inform her audience on financial matters, making her a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their economic well-being.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jill is also an active advocate for the LGBT community of the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. In addition, she has dedicated her career to empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and lead successful, fulfilling lives.

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Jill Schlesinger’s Height, Weight

Jill Schlesinger is a petite woman with a height of 5ft 5 inches. Jill is a true beauty with her stunning brown eyes and beautiful brown hair with weight at a healthy 54 kg, with her body measurements at 34-23-35 inches. Her physical features only add to her already impressive personality and success in the financial world.

Jill with her book
Jill with her book [Source: Facebook]

Who is Jill Schlesinger’s Partner?

Jill Schlesinger has had quite a journey when it comes to relationships. After getting married to a man (Ronald Steven Fuchs) in 1991, the financial expert soon realized that the marriage was not meant to be. Her ex-husband threatened to sue her for alimony a year after their wedding. Ultimately, Schlesinger decided to divorce and move on with her life.

As she moved forward, Jill Schlesinger publicly embraced her identity as a lesbian and began a relationship with her current partner, Jacqueline LiCalzi. LiCalzi is a managing director and Global Head of regulatory relations at Morgan Stanley. She is also co-chairman of the firm’s Pride & Ally Employee Network, making her an advocate for the LGBTQIA community.

Jill with her partner in pride parade
Jill with her partner in pride parade [Source:Facebook]

Despite being in a committed relationship for some time, Schlesinger and LiCalzi have chosen not to get married, with Schlesinger citing high-income taxes as a reason for their decision. However, the couple is happy and supportive of each other and is actively involved in advocating for the LGBTQIA community. Through it all, Schlesinger has focused on her successful career as a business analyst and financial expert, continuing to educate and inform her audience on critical financial matters.

Schlesinger’s Salary, NetWorth

Jill Schlesinger’s career as a financial expert has undoubtedly been a successful one. She is a highly respected business analyst for CBS News and hosts her podcast and radio show, writes a nationally syndicated column, and even published her book.

In addition to all these accomplishments, Jill has her own YouTube channel where she shares financial advice and tips with her followers. With over 3.11K subscribers and more than 452K total video views, it’s clear that Jill’s channel is popular for those looking to improve their financial knowledge.

But it’s not just her media career that has contributed to Jill’s impressive net worth of $2 million. The financial advisor also runs a podcast and is a highly sought-after speaker, sharing her knowledge and expertise at conferences and events around the country. These additional income sources have helped Jill build a fortune that reflects her hard work and dedication to her craft.

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