Past Girlfriend’s Mother inspired Joel Hansen For Body Building

Last Updated : October 12, 2023

Canadian Food influencer Joel Hansen [Photo: Instagram/modelvsfood]

Joel Hasen has maintained a perfect body as a competitive eater, but there is a secret behind his ultimate physique. His old girlfriend’s mother actually inspired him to invest his time in weightlifting.

During his young days, he wasn’t heading toward the best path in life and said that going to the gym definitely helped him. However, this leaves fans curious about his current relationship status.

Well, the competitive eater didn’t reveal the name of his old partner but later updated the audience that he was in a relationship with someone new.

Hansen’s Almost Three Year Long Relationship With His Girlfriend

Hansen and his then-partner, Denika, had been together for almost three years. The lovebirds began dating each other in January 2016.

Denika and Hansen were living in different provinces; they lived halfway across from each other. The food lover lived in Ontario, Canada, and she resided in Nova Scotia, Canada.

They really enjoyed their time together, but it was limited. Denika appeared in his Q&A videos, Mukbang, and also requested his fans to support them so that the pair could meet together and do more collaborations.

Furthermore, Hansen baked cinnamon rolls with his then-girlfriend and uploaded a video of the entire process.

Hansen and his girlfriend collaborated together a lot. [Photo: Joel Hansen/ YouTube]

Hansen’s fans appreciated the beauty of his belle and had penned, “Denika, you are the most beautiful woman I have seen in a long (long) time. I just saw this video not because of the gluttony but because of you. Love Denika!!![SIC].”

However, all of these videos are from 5-4 years ago, and now she isn’t seen collaborating with him anymore. A user had guessed that they had broken up.

Then, another user stated they knew Denika personally and claimed that she had cheated on Hansen. Moreover, that individual added that she was a terrible girl and that the competitive eater was better without her.

Fans discussing Hansen’s relationship status in YouTube. [Photo: Joel Hansen/YouTube]

All in all, neither Hansen nor Denika has officially made a statement regarding their relationship, plus her absence in the videos has led to numerous speculations.

Furthermore, Denika has moved on already. She is now a proud mother.

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Was Hansen In a Relationship With Another Fellow Competitive Eater?

Apart from Denika, Hansen has also been linked with another lady.

He had worked together with another fellow competitive eater, Raina Huang. Both of them were seen together on live streams and during competitions.

Their fans in the live chat had speculated that they were dating. One viewer asked whether or not they were dating yet, while another one wrote that they were a beautiful couple.

Huang also has a YouTube channel like Hansen and has more than 758K subscribers. However, both of them stopped interacting with one another due to a scandal.

It all began when Huang was seen spitting some food into the napkin during the eating challenge with him.

huang-with-hansen-participates-in- an-eating-competition
Huang and Hansen participated in an eating competition. [Photo: Joel Hansen/ YouTube]

Then, eventually, Hansen said that they were now filming separately because of the negative criticisms that she was getting from his fans on his channel.

The handsome guy handled the situation like a professional while Huang wrote, “Last video with him -_- finally[SIC].”

Since that scandal, they haven’t interacted with one another and have led their professional career separately.

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Hansen Teamed Up With a British Professional Eater To Compete In a Challange

Now, Hansen mostly does solo food reviews plus sometimes competes in the food challenges. But eight months ago, Hansen had teamed up with a British professional eater, Leah Shutkever.

Hansen has also teamed up with Leah for a competition. [Photo: Hansen’s YouTube/Channel]

They were eager to try out if they could become the first people to dominate a large competition. They both relished the meal like professionals and finished the so-called undefeated burger challenge.

One viewer in the comment wrote that they two seemed like old best friends and looked chill together and appreciated that it was a great collaboration.

While others loved Hansen’s eating style and said that he finishes gracefully with so much class.