John Bachman is Still In Newsmax: Latest Interview With Trump

Last Updated : October 10, 2023

NEWSMAX Anchor John Bachman

John Bachman joined Newsmax in 2011 after over a decade of working as a producer, anchor, and reporter. Since then, he has constantly been appearing on the network.

However, it was reported that he last appeared in March 2023. Well, where is he now?

Took An Interview Of Donald Trump

While there were speculations surrounding Bachman’s departure from the network, it all came to a halt.

Just a week ago, Newsmax posted a video on their YouTube channel of an exclusive interview where John Bachman was speaking with former US president Donald Trump.

In the conversation, he detailed his automobile industry plans, blasted President Biden, and weighed in on other GOP candidates.

The rumor surrounding the internet is dispelled as it is, therefore, obvious from the video that he is still working in the network.

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Bachman Disappeared From His Show?

Bachman, as previously stated, joined Newsmax in 2011. For nearly two years, he worked as a Digital News Editor. Following that, he served as host and managing director.

In 2020, he debuted his new show, John Bachman Now, which covers the most important news from the United States. He has hosted the show for several years. But recently, rumors had spread on the internet that the reporter left Newsmax.

It all started when he disappeared from the screen. As mentioned above, it was reported that he was seen last time in March 2023.

John Bachman is still working at Newsmax. [Photo: Newsmax/YouTube]

Moreover, no official statement from him and the network led to more sparks on the internet. Plus, he also didn’t host his show.

In addition, his show on the official website is no longer available. That was the main reason for speculation that he left the network.

No worries, he was recently seen interviewing Donald Trump. He hasn’t quit Newsmax, but he hasn’t hosted his show either.

People have said that his show is closed now, and a show called Newsline has started. Many also commented, “Please come back to your show!” in his Instagram posts.

Another user penned, “Where are you?? Get back on your show NOW.”

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Where is John Bachman Now?

Netizens are interested in finding out where John Bachman is after the rumor circulated he has left Newsmax. Well, he is still present in the network, as stated earlier, and just a week ago, he was seen speaking with the former president of the United States of America.

As per his Twitter bio, he currently lives in Washinton, D.C. He also visited the National Gallery of Art located in Washington, D.C., in August.

He had also asked if anyone had ever been there or which artist was their favorite. Some netizens said that they were not interested in going there, while others asked about his show.

Furthermore, the reporter was also seen posting the most recent news on his social media accounts.

Many people are eager to know where John Bachman is now. [Source: America First Policy Institute/YouTube]

In addition to his career, he also values family time. He constantly shares his family vacation images where he could be seen enjoying with his children.

All in all, Bachman Is still in Newsmax and hopefully will come forward and also clear out the confusion regarding changes in the show to his fans.