Look At Katie Button’s Husband And Kids Alongside Her Net Worth

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Chef and Restaurateur Katie Button [Photo: Facebook/ChefKatieButton]

In the cooking world, Katie Button, an American Chef and restaurateur, is a well-known name. Currently, she is the founder of the co-founder and CEO of Katie Button Restaurants.

Button is also dedicated to the Asheville community and improving the restaurant industry. Among Katie Buton Restaurants, Cúrate Bar de Tapas is the most well-known business.

Met Her Husband at Atlantico/Minibar

Button is happily married to her loving husband, Felix Meana. The beautiful lady first met him while working in José Andrés’ restaurant in Washington, DC, Cafe Atlantico.

Moreover, the loving duo have shared their marital life for over a decade. Her spouse is also a professional chef, and they fell in love while working in the Cafe Atlantico.

Katie Button with her loving husband. [Photo: Katie Button’s Instagram]

The couple’s marriage became complete due to the company of her parents. Their wedding wasn’t just a marriage but a corporate consolidation of skills, experience, ambition, and resources.

The chef doesn’t miss out on cherishing their love milestone and lets her fans know about it on her social handles. In addition, she is lucky to have a life full of so much love.

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Button’s Husband Has Worked With Finest Chefs

Felix Meana has worked with some of the finest chefs and restaurateurs during his chef journey. While he worked with them, he was building his career in opening and managing restaurants.

Katie Button’s husband, Felix Meana. [Photo: Katie Button’s Instagram]

While working at Cafe Atlantico, she worked under José Andrés, of whom her husband was a trusted associate and friend. Button’s hubby traveled a lot to help open and manage Andrés’s Spanish restaurants in the States.

The couple opened a restaurant, Cúrate, which won Outstanding Hospitality 2022 by the James Beard Foundation. He holds the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) role at Cúrate Bar de Tapas La Bodega by Cúrate, CÚRATE Trips, & Cúrate at Home.

Furthermore, Button is a loving wife who doesn’t miss wishing him on special occasions, such as his birthday. She always looks forward to having another great year together and many more happy memories.

Loves to Cook With One of Her Kids

The chef and her significant other have been blessed with two kids, Gisela and Lalo. Speaking of them, her daughter Gisela loves cooking and helping her out, who was born in 2015.

Furthermore, Button’s daughter once helped her bake a chocolate cake. Gisela was proud after helping her mom to create an extra chocolatey dessert to surprise her dad. Since Gisela is inclined toward cooking, who knows, she might follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Katie Button with her kids. [Photo: Katie Button’s Instagram]

On the other hand, their son Lalo was born in July 2018 and turned five years old in 2023.

Moreover, the chef gives much of her time to her children, spending sweet memories with them hanging out. Overall, they are doing great as parents who are growing entirely too fast.

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Net Worth As From the Source’s Host and Her Multiple Ventures

Button must have an admirable net worth from multiple restaurant branches and other ventures. She is the co-founder and CEO of the restaurant group Katie Button Restaurant.

Cúrate Bar de Tapas is a well-recognized business from her restaurant group. Also, La Bodega by Cúrate is a Cafe under her operation, and Cúrate Trips was established in 2016.

Katie Button is the co-founder of Cúrate Bar de Tapas. [Photo: Katie Button’s Instagram]

At Cúrate Bar de Tapas, one can get a variety of dishes, including the Spanish experience, priced at $65 per person and $35 for additional wine pairing. There is similar pricing for the La Bodega experience.

In addition, Cúrate at Home and the Cúrate Spanish Wine Club are the e-commerce marketplaces opened by the Cúrate family. People can buy handpicked products such as the great paella starter kit for $120.

Button also authored a cookbook, Cúrate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen, which costs $40. Overall, Button is earning massive wealth through multiple business ventures.

Partnership With Her Parents

Cúrate Bar de Tapas, which is successfully running, was opened by Button in partnership with her folks and husband. Her parents, Liz and Ted Button, moved to Asheville, North Carolina, to open it.

Button and Meana decided to get married and open a restaurant with her parents in 2009. The love birds and her folks concluded Asheville, NC, as the perfect location to open Cúrate.

Nonetheless, Cúrate finally opened in the spring of 2011, with its culinary focus on the straightforward delights of Spanish tapas. As of today, it is Asheville’s pillar, gathering accolades both locally and nationally. 

Button expresses that her mother inspired her love for cooking & helped her become a better mom and person. Her father has played an essential role for Cúrate from his knowledge of books and banking.