5 Quick Facts About Keiana Martin’s Love Life & Family

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

Senior Reporter and Host Keiana Martin [Photo: Facebook/KeianaMartinTV]

Keiana Martin is a reporter and host for CBS Sports. She is an experienced, passionate, and determined sports reporter with an undeniable sports enthusiasm.

For five years, the Los Angeles native was a senior reporter for the San Francisco 49ers and a host for MLB Network.

She has worked as a host and reporter for AOL Sports, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Nuggets, Super Bowl 50 and 53, the College Football National Championship game, and numerous other companies.

Martin Celebrates Her Birthday on 24th Of April

The reporter has not revealed her birth year, although she celebrates her birthday every year on April 24. This year, she also celebrated her special day with her friends.

Martin sat around at dinner the night of her birthday and quietly observed. That day, she also marked a year and three weeks of relocating to New York.

In addition, she also celebrated her work anniversary with the 49ers. She was overcome with appreciation as she sat at supper with friends.

Keiana Martin celebrates her birthday every year in April [Source: Martin’s Instagram]

She said she had been blessed with fantastic connections and beautiful friendships people seek for a lifetime in just a year.

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Has a Loving Bond With Her Parents

Keiana Martin gets along well with both of her parents. Her mother and father have been married for almost five decades.

She always appreciates and thanks her father and mother with nice words. Martin also went to see a game with her dad. She compliments her old man, adding he is a fighter who gives her strength and is a hero in her eyes.

Her mother is also her dearest friend in the entire world. She continuously shares photos and videos of her special moments with her parents.

Keiana Martin wished her father a Happy Father’s Day in 2018 [Source: Instagram]

In January 2017, she was on a plane at 35,000 feet in the air, and there was no NFL streaming. Therefore, she FaceTimed with her parents to watch tonight’s games.

Has a Supportive Brother

The beautiful reporter was raised along with her brother Kurtis Martin. She has a close-knit relationship with him. Kurtis has always supported her and helped her in difficult times.

Martin thanked her brother for supporting her and being her number-one fan. He is already married and has welcomed three children.

Keiana Martin wished her brother a Happy birthday in 2016 [Source: Instagram]

Kurtis is the host and executive producer of The310 Podcast. She occasionally shares photos of herself with her brother. However, he values privacy and has kept his Instagram account private.

Is a Loving Aunt

Keiana Martin is a loving aunt to her brother’s children. She sometimes shares her pictures and videos of memorable moments with her nephew.

Back in 2021, she posted an image and video where she was holding her brother’s baby boy with a matching outfit. She penned, “Words can’t describe how thankful I am for you, baby boy.”

Keiana Martin celebrated Christmas with her nephew in 2021 [Source: Martin’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she celebrates special occasions like Christmas with them. She loves to spend time with her nephews.

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Mum About Her Relationship/Partner

The stunning reporter has always remained silent about her love life. Martin hasn’t disclosed whether she is dating someone or not.

She did, however, tweet about her partner in 2011. While responding to one user, she said Amanda Rambo was her partner. Regardless, whether she said it jokingly or seriously is unclear because she never shared a photo with him.

Keiana Martin mentioned Amanda Rambo as her boyfriend back in 2011 [Source: Twitter]

She then stays silent about it. The status of her relationship is still a mystery to people. However, she enjoys attending friend’s wedding ceremonies.