Kelly O’Grady And Her Husband Planned To Get Married in 2020

Last Updated : November 5, 2023

FBN Correspondent Kelly O’Grady and her husband Caleb Theofilos Galoozi [Photo: Instagram/kfogrady]

The world suffered a complete shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the delay of significant events like sports tournaments. The pandemic also affected Kelly O’Grady, as she faced double effects from the crisis, as her wedding with her husband was delayed.

Here is everything about O’Grady’s love story, including their blissful wedding after the delay of plans due to the pandemic.

O’Grady and Her Husband’s Wedding Was Postponed Due to the Pandemic

Kelly O’Grady and her boyfriend, Caleb Theofilos Galoozi, had their wedding plans canceled because of the pandemic. However, they still managed to get several things done despite the inflict of plans.

In an Instagram post that she made on the third engagement anniversary in 2022, she revealed despite all the havoc caused by the pandemic, they moved across the country. She felt lucky to have him as her partner and hoped they could tie the knot in 2023.

O’Grady and Galoozi spent their lovely time traveling to different places, from Coachella to Vegas to Disney and beyond in the pandemic.

The couple met in LA, United States. They started dating each other sometime after their meet-cute, longing to share a longstanding romantic life.

Moving forward, Galoozis was the one who decided to take further steps into their love life by proposing to her. They had their engagement ceremony in December 2017, and O’Grady took to Instagram to share the news.

Kelly O’Grady
The engagement ceremony picture of Kelly O’Grady and her partner. [Photo: Kelly O’Grady’s Instagram]

Speaking of their engagement, O’Grady’s beau took her to the beach to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Likewise, she glanced at the shooting stars with him and wished to marry him someday.

Well, O’Grady’s wish came true as he was already kneeling with a ring, proposing to her on the beach. In the post, she exclaimed that she was one of the lucky women to marry her best friend, yearning to spend the rest of her life together.

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Had a Lovely Ceremony At a Private Island

Finally, O’Grady and her husband, Galoozis, exchanged their wedding vows on September 3, 2021. They had a grand celebration of their big day filled with beautiful moments.

The loving duo’s wedding location was Renaissance Aruba Private Island. Her bridesmaids were Nicole Torres, Laura Saleh Gilliland, and Kathi W.

In addition, the bride looked beautiful in a Kalani Pattern Sequin White Gown, and the groom looked dashing in a black tuxedo. The lovely duo had an open wedding venue on the seaside.

Kelly O’Grady
The marriage ceremony pictures of Kelly O’Grady with her husband. [Photo: Kelly O’Grady’s Instagram]

Furthermore, O’Grady doesn’t miss celebrating her wedding anniversary every year. She recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with him, posting it on Instagram and captioning it, “Another year of loving you.”

The reporter often reminiscences her wedding day, remembering the beautiful moments they had. She has experienced many changes, including navigating and working on opposite sides of the country from her marital life.

In conclusion, the couple further strives to share more years filled with memories. They sail smoothly on their love boat and add a beautiful chapter to their married life.

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More About Kelly O’Grady’s Husband

Galoozis has been the Strategic Initiatives Lead in Global Strategy and Innovation (GSI) for the National Basketball Association (NBA) since November 2021.

Before working for the NBA, he was a manager and consultant at Bain & Company from 2019 to 2021.

O’Grady’s hubby has also worked in the team marketing and business operations of the NBA. Initially, he started his career as an associate consultant at Bain & Company, later being promoted to senior associate consultant.

Likewise, Galoozi’s birthdays fall every year in March. His wife, O’Grady, wished him his 28th birthday on her Instagram account with a heartwarming caption.

Kelly O’Grady
The birthday post of Kelly O’Grady on her husband’s birthday. [Photo: Instagram]

O’Grady’s husband is a graduate of Harvard University. Later, he joined the MIT Sloan School of Management, completing his Master of Business Administration in 2019.

O’Grady was always by his side while he was completing his MBA. She is a proud partner who has mentioned his accomplishments while he was at MIT for two years.

Moreover, O’Grady has watched closely how he tirelessly worked to improve physically and intellectually in his MBA studies and feels inspired.