DJ Queen Korolova: Birthday, Husband And Net Worth

Last Updated : October 15, 2023

Producer and DJ Korolova DJ [Photo: Instagram/]

Korolova is a rising DJ and has gained enormous fame in the world of electronic dance music. She is a sensational artist in the techno realms and melodic house, plus she leads a luxurious life with her husband.

The artist has shown her skills as a DJ across 20 countries around the globe. Her online presence on YouTube has gained more than 111 million views.

Korolova Was a Ballet Dancer But Switched To Electronic Music

Korolova DJ was born in Ukraine as Olga Korolova and celebrates her birthday in March.

During the initial phase of her life, she was a talented Ballet dancer who even performed at the biggest venue in the country. The ex-dancer also went on renowned shows like Sensation White and Armin Only.

However, her passion for the world of electronic music ignited when she heard of famous artists like Tiesto, Gabriel & Dresden, and Cosmic Gate back in 2004. Furthermore, she also brought changes in her education, switching from a maths to a music degree.

Then, the lovely lady began playing and collecting records and, since then, has never looked back.

When her adorable kid came into this world, she helped her experience new emotions and explore new rhythms in her studio.

Now, she continues to burn brighter, and her electronic blast is appreciated by many.

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Korolova Met Her Husband at Beach Club 117

Korolova has led a blissful married life with her husband, Andrii Kolomiiets, who is a Chief Executive Officer at Columbus Artist. As an art director, her partner was drawn to electronic music and used to work at Beach Club 117.

The lovebirds met each other for the first time there. Korolova and her beau have already marked 12 years of togetherness.

His wife has become a motivator in his life, his best spouse, and a mother to his child. Plus, he has really loved traveling with her to different corners of the world.

Kolomiiets wrote that he was grateful to fate that they met each other. Furthermore, he immediately knew that she was the girl for him.

Korolova and her husband share a lovely bond. [Photo: Instagram]

Then, he was already on one knee proposing to his then-girlfriend after half a year of being together.

Eventually, the pair added a beautiful little one into their life.

Their daughter Anastasia Kolomieets was born in July 2012 and is now 11 years old. The cute girl even has her own Instagram account with over 2K followers. She is also interested in dancing.

Anastasia is a photogenic girl, and she has uploaded many pictures of herself and sometimes with her parents

She is also into modeling and has already traveled around different countries like Dubai, Spain, and Turkey.

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Explore the Details of Her Net Worth

Korolova has a huge following on her social media platforms. She has more than 702K followers on her Instagram, while on YouTube has over 570K subscribers.

Furthermore, as per Social Blade, her monthly estimated earnings is around $749-$12K, and her yearly earnings is around $9K-$143.7K.

Korolova also loves traveling. [Photo: Korolova’s Instagram]

However, these amounts could fluctuate with time.

Alongside that, according to ZipRecruiter, DJs in the U.S. earn $38 per hour, which amounts to more than $79K on a yearly basis.

Korolova has an estimated net worth ranging from six to seven figures and leads a luxurious life.

All in all, Korolova is doing well in her career, and her husband and daughter are right behind her to support her in her endeavors.