Lazarbeam Gifted His Girlfriend a Custom Minecraft World on Anniversary

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

LazarBeam with his girlfriend
LazarBeam with his girlfriend[Photo: Instagram/lazarbeamyt]

The Australian Youtuber and gamer LazarBeam, AKA Lannan Neville Eacott, has been in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend for over three years.

He and his partner, Ilsa Watkins, share a beautiful bond and similar interests and sometimes collaborate to make exciting content.

A Thoughtful Anniversary Gift for His Girlfriend

LazarBeam began dating his girlfriend on the eve of 2018 New Year’s. He surprised his partner with the most thoughtful anniversary gift for their third anniversary. He wanted to build her an anniversary present in her favorite game, Minecraft.

Further, his lover had no idea the things he had planned for her anniversary, and he gave her a surprise while blindfolding her. After Watkins removed her blindfold, she screamed happily and said it was so sweet.

She had been in the most beautiful world ever, and her boyfriend had even themed the world to make it feel like Switzerland.

LazarBeam had made his partner a custom Minecraft world. [Photo: Instagram]

It was the sweetest gift that she had ever received in her life. While they explored, he introduced her to another world, representing the day they met at a Christmas party in 2018. Then, he also depicted the scene of Titanic, which they had also done in real life after they became a couple.

Eventually, they reached Watkins’s family farm, and he had also added her blind pet dog, Custard, and three-legged pet cat, Travis, in Minecraft. That moment made his partner emotional, and she cried in the video. Furthermore, he had also built the scenes from their time in Vegas.

Moreover, LazarBeam revealed that his partner got drunk there and destroyed his passport, and they also destroyed one in Minecraft with explosives. Additionally, Watkins’s mother, the CEO of Coke Australia, had sent custom Coke cans with their name on them.

The YouTuber had built the cans inside Minecraft and two gigantic eggplants because they both love it. Similarly, they relived their other memories through the world inside the game. At last, they kissed, and Watkins said she loved it.

Overall, the lovely couples have celebrated their anniversary in January every year.

They Met Through Their Acquaintance

LazarBeam met the love of his life through his friend, a fellow YouTuber, Muselk. He also happened to be Watkins’s brother. Muselk feels good about both of them dating as he has known LazarBeam to be a good guy.

The YouTuber jokingly said that dating was to make her brother mad, which had backfired on him.

LazaBeam met his lover through her brother. [Photo: LazarBeam’s Instagram]

They met at a Christmas party, and he said that Watkins had followed/stalked him around the party and continually chased him at the party. She replied to his comment and said that it was a lie.

For their first date, he got a reservation, but it didn’t go as planned, and they had to enjoy their date at random places. He fell in love with her as she was beautiful.

Further, he loves her attitude about everything and likes her scuffed/ rebellious personality. In addition, they have moved together and are also planning to have four kids in the future as they come from a family where they had four children.

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LazarBeam’s Girlfriend Is Also a YouTuber

LazarBeam’s lover, Ilsa, has a YouTube channel with 38 videos, over 33 Million views, and more than 617K subscribers. She joined YouTube on April 16, 2020, and has grown significantly. Further, she also runs another channel bottoms up with another individual named Tanner.

LazarBeam’s partner has provided tips to help others find their signature style. [Photo: Watkins’s Instagram]

They have over 9.27K subscribers and have created 55 videos. Moreover, she has also given the essential tips to feel comfortable and confident on the site Girlfriend.

The most crucial factor for her signature style is her comfort. And it has given tips on making yourself unique and exploring your individuality through accessories.

She has loved to have a put-together look while being efficient. She keeps her makeup simple with a nude lip, tiny smoked wings, and blush.

Watkins said that it takes time to find one’s signature style and that it doesn’t happen overnight, and she also feels that she hasn’t figured out her style yet. And she is having fun experimenting with it. Nevertheless, she is a great content creator with a unique signature style.

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Her Mother Is the Chancellor of the University of Tasmania

Watkins was born to her mom, Alison Mary Watkins, and her dad, Rod Watkins. She has three siblings: two sisters, Grace and Meg, and a brother, Muselk.

Ilsa with her lovely parents and siblings. [Photo: Watkins’s Instagram]

Her mother is a successful personality and has worked to the top of the corporate ladder while growing up on a farm in Tasmania. Currently, she is the chancellor of the University of Tasmania. She had started her career journey as a Junior Associate at McKinsey and served there for ten years.

Then, she worked for ANZ, a bank, as GGM Strategy and M&A. After that, she became CEO of Berri Ltd. She also did her first non-executive directorship at Just Group. Furthermore, she was also a managing director at Coca-Cola Amatill.

Moreover, she was also appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2022 for her significant success. All in all, she has a great family and an incredible mother who has appreciated her relationship with her boyfriend.