Real Estate Developer Lee Najjar Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Wife, House, Net Worth, Now

Last Updated : April 5, 2023

Who is Lee Najjar?

Lee Najjar is a successful real estate developer and television star. Najjar is known as the mystery man of Kim Zolciak in the show’ The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ He got the nickname “Big Poppa” from the same performance and earned fame through it.

The television star already had a wealthy life before coming to the show. However, his relationship as a ‘Sugar Daddy’ with Kim Zolaick for two seasons of the show RHOA got him popular among the public.

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Family and Education Details

The star is said to have been born in the mid-1970s. However, Najjar’s exact date of birth is disclosed as of yet. The real estate developer may be in his early 50s.

Lee Najjar was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a native citizen of the United States. He belongs to mixed ethnicity. However, his religion of practice has yet to be discovered.

The star grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Lee is very private and often doesn’t mention his family. He has never talked about his family members.

As a result, there is no assurance that he has any siblings. As he respects his family’s privacy, the details concerning his family remain a mystery to the media and the public.

The real estate developer graduated from Pepperdine University after finishing high school at Nazareth Baptist School.

Short Career Background

Before appearing in RHOA, Lee had already established an outstanding career as a real estate developer. He had already accumulated a lot of wealth.

What he did in his early days has yet to be discovered. In the show RHOA, he spoiled Kim Zolciak with all his money. On the show, Najjar lived in a 25-million-dollar mega-mansion.

The couple’s fling was so interesting that Kim had made Najjar her mystery man and kept his identity a secret, so everyone was eager to find out who he was. The show made both Najjar and Kim famous.

Lee Najjar Arrest

The star has been arrested several times for different reasons. He got detained recently for not fixing a stormwater system in one of his homes and because he failed to present himself in court.

He even had to pay a charge of $75,000. As Najjar gained popularity through RHOA, his arrests got a lot of limelight.

Lee Najjar Relationship and Children

One of the reasons Lee’s relationship with Kim got so much attention was that news about Najjar’s marriage came out.

The star was already married to another woman who shared the same name as Kim when he appeared in the show. The Big Poppa Lee had an affair with his RHOA co-host Kim Zolciak and is also known as Zolciak’s sugar daddy as Lee gifted her a Range Rover and a townhouse, other costly gifts.

As per some sources, Lee went through the process of divorce. However, that has never been confirmed, and currently, he lives happily with his wife and two children.

Lee has two children with his wife, Kimberly Najjar, named Jeremy Najjar and Katelin Najjar. The Atlanta native’s daughter seems to love him dearly. Najjar’s daughter Katelin Najjar is single, but his son, Jeremy, recently tied the knot.

Based on Tuko, his son Jeremy also followed Lee’s footsteps and is a real estate owner, whereas his daughter Katelin is a socialite and an online blogger with a massive fanbase.

Lee Najjar with his family [Photo: Instagram]

What is Lee Najjar’s Net Worth?

Lee Najjar isn’t merely a TV star but also a successful entrepreneur. Before fame, the star already had more than enough wealth through his profession as a real estate developer.

Najjar’s net worth is around $50 million considering all his assets and property.

The wealthy real estate owner has properties in Los Angeles, California, New York, and other places. He lives lavishly with his family in a mansion worth $13.8 million in Atlanta, Georgia. The mega-mansion consists of nine bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, seven full kitchens, a big-sized swimming pool, a private spa, a theater, a hair/nail salon, a recording studio, a smoking room, and other rooms.

The Big Poppa also owns incredible, exotic, and expensive cars such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Range Rover, and more. Najjar likes to drive his cars by himself, and he usually uses his Range Rover when he is roaming in town.

Physical Appearance

The TV star has an excellent physical appearance with a fit body. He always seems to be wearing white with his sunglasses, which suits him very well. Najjar’s white dress-up goes with his white hair.

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Lee Najjar 5 Quick Facts:

  • Lee’s beau of RHOA, Kim Zolciak, is married to Kroy Biermann, a former American footballer. 
  • Lee lives in one of the top mansions in Atlanta, which cost around $13.8 million. 
  • The star’s son Jeremy Najjar is a founder and CEO of Smash Entertainment INC., located in West Hollywood, California, USA.
  • His parents are Puerto Rican.
  • Lee has done a house tour on a TV show.

FAQs of Lee Najjar

How old is the real estate owner Lee Najjar?

His age is not disclosed, so he might be in his early 50s as of 2023.

Who is Lee Najjar married to?

The famous actor Lee Najjar is married to Kimberly Najjar.