Facts About Lilia Vu: Family, Parents, & Nationality

Last Updated : December 4, 2023


Lilia Vu is an American professional golfer who won the 2023 Chevron Championship and the 2023 Women’s British Open. In 2023, she rose to number one in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.

However, it cannot be denied that Vu has a supportive parent who is likely the catalyst for her success in this sports field. Here is everything that you need to learn about her family details.

Vu’s Father Is Her Coach

Douglas Vu was her father and coach, a PGA instructor at Baker Golf Course on the north side of Mile Square Park. Furthermore, he was a golf pro at one of the clubs of Acris Golf, a premier lifestyle golf company.

The golf course Doughlas instructed was David L. Baker, and worked there for nearly a decade. Her father coached her and her brother Andre to perfect their golf skills to become professionals.

Lilia Vu with her father, Douglas Vu. [Photo: Yvonne Vu’s Instagram]

Both of them admit that their father was demanding but express he had instilled a drive in them to be great golfers. Douglas seems to be the reason why they have the drive and commitment to become the best.

Moreover, Vu’s father played golf daily with her mom, Yvonne.

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Vu’s Mother Is Her Number One Fan

Vu may have many fans for her amazing golf plays, but her mother is the number one fan. Her mother, Yvonne, worked as a real estate broker at Future USA Real Estate.

Furthermore, Yvonne is the proud mother of her kids, Andre Vu & Lilia Vu. She doesn’t miss featuring them on her social handle and has words filled with admiration for them.

Lilia Vu with her loving mother. [Photo: Yvonne Vu’s Instagram]

Yvonne always shares achievements and updates about her daughter’s golfing career. She always appreciates her daughter for her hard work & achieving her dreams in golf.

Speaking of Yvonne, she also shares a close relationship with her mother and sister. Sadly, her father is no more as he has passed away, but she often reminisces about him, which is witnessed through her Instagram.

Vu’s Brother Has Other Interests Besides Golf Too

Andre Vu pursues other interests besides golfing. He is a bike lover and drives monster trucks, which he often shows on his social media account, doing some stunts or fun activities.

Moreover, Andre bought his dream truck, the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, with the LBZ Duramax motor in December 2022. He owns two Harley-Davidson bikes and often performs tricks with them.

Also, he shares a loving relationship with his partner, Adelina Mae. She is a female-only firearms instructor and owns Girls Just Wanna Have Guns Events.

Lilia Vu-brother
Andre Vu with his beautiful girlfriend. [Photo: Andre Vu’s Instagram]

Likewise, Andre’s partner is pregnant with their child, and fans got the update through his social handle. They had the gender reveal of their child on his birthday and got to share it with many people.

Has A Sister Like Friend

The golfer is lucky to have a friend who is like a sister and gives her much love. She is Joo Youn Seo, who is always present during her special occasions, such as birthdays.

Vu’s friend Joo Youn considers her a sister and can’t imagine a life without her. She also doesn’t miss thanking her for everything she has done for her.

Lilia Vu’s friend congratulated her on her graduation. [Photo: Joo Youn Seo’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Vu’s friend has such a bond with her that people often become confused if they are sisters. Similarly, one user asked them if they were sisters in one of her social posts with Joo Youn.

Joo Youn congratulated her on her graduation from UCLA. She penned, “Congrats on graduating to my wifey!!Now you have more time to send me memes love ya the most, can’t wait to be old alumni together.”

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Credits Her Grandfather as the Reason for Her Success

Lilia Vu, who has achieved significant success in golf, takes inspiration for winning intention from her grandfather. She remembers how her grandpa built a boat to help his family escape a war-torn Vietnam.

Vu was very close to her grandfather, who tried to build a better life for their family with his bare hands. She remembers his struggles and how he used to go to the countryside for months for family’s sake.

In conclusion, the American golfer of Asian-American ethnicity has made a name for herself by being the number one female golfer. She has come this far due to the pure support of her family.