Motel Rescue’s Lindsey Kurowski Isn’t Married: Had a Boyfriend Previously

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Motel Rescue Lindsey Kurowski [Photo: Facebook/LindseyKurowskiOfficial]

Lindy Kurowski hasn’t yet married. The owner of the Springs Motel has hung out with her friends many times, but what about her boyfriend?

Her current relationship status is possibly single, but she had a boyfriend previously. Other than that, she has hinted nothing about her love life.

She Had a Boyfriend Named Teddy

Kuroswski was in a romantic, at the same time, adventurous relationship with her former beau, Teddy, whom she has affectionately called Sugar Fish.

When the then-lovebirds were dating, the Motel Rescue host had warmly wished her ex-lover his happy birthday.

According to the lovely lady, her boyfriend restrained himself with a modest short stack of coconut pancakes. Then she said, “All the love and syrup to you today.” Further, the former couple loved traveling, skiing, and yachting.

Kurowski used to wish her former boyfriend warmly. [Photo: Instagram]

They enjoyed skiing on the milky white snow of Colorado and Utah. Plus, the former avid skiing couple used to pull off the double black diamond, which is the most challenging ski run.

Kuroswski and her former lover had also sailed in the yacht around the Newport sea and said Newport couldn’t shake them. Moreover, the ex-lover had gone to Santa Catalina Island and had a romantic time there for Valentine’s Day.

Once, she couldn’t remember why she was mad at her former beau. That day, Teddy dressed in a suit and sat at her bar for five hours. Then she penned, “I guess women go wild for a sharp-dressed man.”

Well, the ex-partners used to enjoy many romantic dates together. And Kurowski has even asked her ex-partner to come home. However, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time, and they eventually broke up.

Nevertheless, the host and her former partner had an adventurous time together but weren’t compatible in the long run.

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Teddy Was Also Close to Kurowski’s Siblings

Kurowski isn’t the only child; she has two brothers: an older one and a younger one. Further, her ex-lover was also close to her brothers.

The host sometimes posts about her siblings and loves them timelessly. She and her former beau were seen posing with her little brother.

Kurowski’s boyfriend, along with her brother. [Photo: Instagram]

She has sometimes uploaded photos with her siblings. However, her older brother has stayed away from the limelight and doesn’t use social media.

Furthermore, the Instagram account she had tagged of her ex-partner is unavailable. And he has stayed away from the limelight.

All in all, her ex-partner used to spend time with her siblings, but he hasn’t been seen around them since they split up.

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Her Parents Aren’t Together

Lindsey Kurowski is a beloved daughter of her parents. She has affectionately called her father Big Mike, and her mother is named Stacey Azzinaro Gilfillan.

However, something went wrong with her dad and mom’s relationship. They are no longer together now. Further, her dad has already moved on from his past. Well, he found another love of his life and is now enjoying a blissfully married life with her.

Her dad is a hopeless romantic and has never given up on love. On the other hand, she has warmly wished her mama during Mother’s Day. And they love to spend their time cozying up in a bed.

Furthermore, she affectionately calls her mother Midge. During the 2020 Mother’s Day she wrote, “Here’s to 32+ more years together sharing a bed!! Hope I’m just like you when I grow up. Love you, Midge.”

Moreover, her mother supports the non-binary community and once told them that she was their mama. Overall, her father has moved on with his new romance, and her mother is a very kind and generous lady.