Lior Raz Shares 4 Kids With Wife, Whom He Met at a Bar

Last Updated : December 7, 2023

Israeli actor and screenwriter Lior Raz and his wife, Meital Berdah [Photo: Instagram/liorraz]

Lior Raz and his wife Meital Berdah met at a bar. He found her pretty at first glance and thought she was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen.

The pair have been married since 2008 and now are caring and lovely parents of their four children.

Raz’s Wife Gave Birth to Their Four Children

Raz and his wife, Meital, have been married for over fourteen years. They are still head over heels for one another and have resided in a suburb just north of Tel Aviv with their four kids. Their children mean everything to them; they are the precious jewels of the pair’s life.

The lovely couple were first blessed with their cute daughter, Maya, and then she gave birth to their second daughter, Nina. After that, they welcomed their first son, Guy.

Then, after some years, the family was completed with the arrival of yet another daughter, Uval

He has called his children happiness, life, home, and love. Furthermore, he has stated that his son was just like him once.

The screenwriter is an adventurous dad who has also taken his children to the Negev desert. There, he shared a precious moment with his loved ones.

Not only that, Raz has also taken his son on walks and has thoroughly enjoyed the zest of life with his children.

All in all, Raz and his better half have been blessed with great and healthy children.

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Raz’s First Encounter With His Wife

Well, people can engage more whole-heartedly when they share something mutual. Likewise, Raz’s spouse, Berdah, is also an actress known for The Grave (2019), Kadosh (1999), and Naor’s Friends (2006).

She was also born in Israel on July 15, 1978, and is forty-five now.

She was the most beautiful person the actor had ever seen during their first encounter. Further, he credited his partner for his success and said she had been a huge contributory factor.

As per him, he would climb on success if success were a ladder, and his spouse would hold that for him.

Raz and his wife have been together for more than fourteen years. [Photo: Instagram]

He also once made a joke about himself. He said that his better half had to care for the five children at home, including Raz. However, the actress has stayed away from the limelight.

Though she has an Instagram account, it is a private one.

Nevertheless, the lovely couple are made for each other and have supported each other during the challenges of their life.

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Sadly, His First Love Was Killed

Losing a beloved person is one of the most painful and traumatizing experiences that an individual can ever go through. Unfortunately, Raz had to go through that.

A terrorist unfortunately killed Raz’s first love. [Photo: Raz’s Instagram]

Before he married the current love of his life, he met his first love, Iris Azulai, the most beautiful woman in Jerusalem, as per him, at a young age. He couldn’t believe she would date him, but after dating her, he said all her self-confidence came from her.

Everything was going well between them, but Iris’s brother called him and said that she had been wounded when he was serving an elite counter-terrorism unit, Duvdevan.

After hearing the news, he began to walk in bewilderment and was picked up by his mother on the road. Unfortunately, his former lover was stabbed to death by a terrorist.

Later, the screenwriter and his friend worked together in the early episode of Fauda, which depicted his first love story.

Nevertheless, he is now enjoying a blissful marital life with four children.