Lisa Dalton to Reveal the Location of Song, ‘Hang on Sloopy’

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

YouTuber Lisa Leonard Dalton [Photo: YouTube/@sloopygirl-lisa.leonard.dalton]

A fit girl dancing in the video of MaCoys’s song “Hang on Sloopy” became an internet sensation, but no one knew who she was until 2021. The fit dancer, Lisa Leonard Dalton, is the “Sloopy Girl” who went viral.

She has aged like a fine wine and is doing great. Further, just a few months ago, Dalton wanted to reveal the filming location of the music video. In the meantime, she also clarified particular misinformation about the song.

She Plans to Reveal About the Location Soon

Besides the girl in the video, the location where it was shot also intrigued many.

So, in October 2023, Dalton shared her plan to make a video about where they recorded that masterpiece in 1975. She said she would soon make a video about that location and upload it to her YouTube channel.

Dalton enjoyed dancing and listening to records. [Photo: YouTube]

Speaking of her experience during the shoot, at that time, the production crew wanted Dalton to get into the character of the poor girl and told her to dress up in tank tops and shorts.

Further, they requested that she not wear makeup, nail polish, or jewelry. They tried to convey to the audience that Sloopy was from a bad part of town who was poor.

Furthermore, a guy from the film crew handed Lisa a hat and told her to tuck in her long blond hair. The then nineteen-year-old dancer performed her magical dance movements.

And as Rick Derringer said, “Sloopy, let your hair down, girl, let it hang down on me,” she faced the stage and removed the hat, revealing her long blonde hair for the first time.

This performance was so beautiful that everyone was in awe and wondered who the lovely lady was.

Rick Was the One Who Divulged the Secret of the “Sloopy Girl”

The video became a topic of discussion among fans. They often wondered who the girl was, and Derringer was always asked to reveal the secret. In November 2022, he shared a video with the caption, “Jenda Derringer, and only she, is the Official Sloopy Girl!”

In the comment section, he continued, “Of Course, all female fans, wives and gal pals of you guy fans are sloppy girls!”

One of the fans wrote, “But who was the sloopy girl in the original video. The McCoys I never got a correct answer.” The singer then replied it was Lisa somebody.

Fans started their investigation to know more about her and later discovered that it was Lisa Leonard Dalton. Now, she has been sharing information regarding her experience and background.

Furthermore, it all began when her dad’s job took him from Chicago to Los Angeles. She quickly adapted to the new place and became a California girl at age 14. Her father worked for RCA Records, an American record label owned by Sony.

Dalton’s family settled in Woodland Hills, an LA suburb, where she attended school. As a young girl, she loved listening to records and dancing.

Lisa was never a Hollywood star, but she went out with one who is none other than the renowned actor Dennis Cole. At 18, she won the Miss Gazzarri Dancer in 1974.

She was even offered a dancing part in a short movie, which she accepted. Her passion shone when she starred as the main dancer in the music video Hang On Sloopy.

There Are Two Version of the Song

Many fans of the song might not know that there are two versions of the popular song. It was first introduced as the McCoy’s single and aired on the teen TV show in 1965.

This version hasn’t featured Dalton because she was born in the mid-1950s and was in her mid-teens when the song came out.

The song Hang on Sloopy first aired in 1965. [Photo: YouTube]

Another version of that song was released in 1975, featuring Dalton, the dancing girl. Fans are anticipating more videos from her where she will reveal more about the shooting.

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Dalton Believed That She Would Never Again See Her Dance

Dalton had played her role perfectly and was paid a nominal fee of about $200. However, she was disappointed to learn it was exclusively for the European release. So, she thought she would never see herself dance in the song.

After filming the dance, she excitedly described her day to her younger sister. As the years passed, she went to college and got a job. Eventually, she exchanged wedding vows with her husband and raised two daughters in California.

Then, she moved to Nevada after that, to Tennessee without considering her sloppy dance from long ago.

The dancer hadn’t seen that video for nearly forty years. However, it changed in 2013. She was enjoying the Christmas holidays with her sister’s family in California.

The dancer, along with her sister’s family, during Christmas 2013. [Photo: YouTube]

At that time, another song, Snoopy’s Christmas, came on the radio, which rang a bell in her mind. Then, she lightheartedly told her niece that the Snoopy lyrics took her back forty years to the time she danced to a song with a similar name.

Further, her sister’s husband, Nick, searched YouTube until he found the song. He wanted his daughter to hear the song but never expected to find a video of Lisa dancing.

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Sloopy Girl Now Lives In Tennessee

Dalton is currently in Tennessee, but she has yet to reveal about her family. A few years ago, she had attended the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on November 5, 2021, and wanted to share the moments with her audiences.

Further, she also expressed that it had been wonderful reading the positive reactions from the people when they found out the girl behind Sloopy dance was her.

Dalton, along with her friends, enjoyed the concert in Tennessee. [Photo: Dalton’s YouTube/Channel]

She has also recorded interviews with Steven Smith, who helped her a lot. The dancer has looked forward to seeing her audience and always loves it when someone comments on her video.

Dalton has enjoyed her presence on social media handles after she went viral and revealed her identity as the dancer after making the viral video Deconstructing a Myth: The Sloopy Girl.