Madison Alworth and Her Boyfriend Broke Up, Or So It Seems

Last Updated : February 18, 2024

FOX Business Reporter Madison Alworth [Photo: Instagram/madisonalworth]

Madison Worth was in a relationship with Mike Reintgen, whom she referred to as her best friend. Reintgen frequently appeared on her Instagram posts.

However, it has been quite some time since she last posted pictures with him. Is all well between the couple?

Hasn’t Shared Photos with Her Boyfriend Since August 2022

As mentioned earlier, Alworth used to share several pictures with her boyfriend. She first shared a photo with him in December 2019. The couple had been on a vacation to Key West, where they enjoyed sun and sand.

Alworth wrote in the post, “The Key to a great vacation is sun, sand, and a lot of sunscreen, dreaming of our pre-Thanksgiving trip to the Keys!” The couple often spent different holidays together and even used to see matches.

The duo vacationed in different places. [Photo: Instagram]

However, Reintgen has not appeared on any of Alworth’s posts since August 2022. The last picture she shared of him was when she had the best weekend with the best “phamily” in Sunapee, New Hampshire,

It is not known if the couple is together or has called it quits. Hopefully, either of them speak regarding the matter.

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Started Dating in July 2019

Alworth and her beau began their romantic journey in July 2019. As mentioned earlier, they made their social media debut as a couple in December 2019.

Alworth never failed to share amazing photos with her partner on the occasion of their anniversary. The duo celebrated their milestone by doing adventurous activities.

For instance, on the occasion of their first anniversary, they went parasailing in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Then, on their second anniversary, the lovebirds went scalloping and had a ton of fun.

Sharing photos from that trip, Reintgen’s girlfriend wrote, “So grateful for another year of adventures, cooking sessions, dog walks, job chats, and so much more. Let’s do it again.”

The couple started dating in July 2019. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, the duo also attended their friends’ weddings and other events together. They had traveled to several places, including Santorini, Dukes Creek Falls, etc.

All in all, the couple appeared to have a lot of fun together. Also, they enjoyed quality time with their pet dogs.

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Reintgen Is Involved in the Medical Field

Alworth’s boyfriend hails from Tampa, Florida. While she has been doing well in the journalism sector, her beau is doing well in the medical field.

Reintgen went to the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine. Then, he interned at the University of South Florida Internal Medicine. His clinical interest is Body Imaging and Neuroradiology.

Furthermore, Alworth’s partner has done many research projects that are surgically oriented. These researches are mainly in the fields of breast cancer and melanoma. He has a vision and plans to give his best to help push the field of radiology forward in the near future.

One of the projects that the journalist’s partner has been involved in is evaluating the use of ultrasound combined with biopsy for axillary staging of breast cancer vs standard of care.

Alworth is proud of her significant other’s achievement and never fails to boast about it on her social media. In May 2020, she shared a photo with him and exclaimed that she was proud of him.

Reintgen’s girlfriend wrote, “Dr. Mikey! As of today, it’s official! I am so incredibly proud of this man. He is smart, hardworking, and so caring.” She further stated that the entire characteristics that made him the most incredible boyfriend also made him the best doctor.

Alworth concluded, saying, “I cannot wait to see what lies ahead, but for now, let’s just continue to celebrate this incredible graduation. Congratulations Dr. Michael Reintgen.”

Alworth’s partner is a doctor. [Photo: Instagram]

The couple celebrated one another’s achievements. Other than that, it still remains a big question of whether things are going well between the lovely pair. Hopefully, one of them will speak regarding the matter.