NewsNation’s Anchor Markie Martin: Husband, Parents & Sister

Last Updated : October 18, 2023

Newsnation Anchor Markie Martin [Photo: Instagram/markie_martin]

Markie Martin is a news correspondent at WGN America. She also worked as a New Anchor for more than 7 years with renowned broadcasters like CBS, Press Advance, Koco TV 5, and many more.

Besides her professional career, she now leads a blissful life with her husband.

Martin and Her Father Are Both Licensed Pilots

Martin was born in March 1990 to her father, Dr. David Martin, and mother, Penny Martin. Further, the 33-year-old was born without a sense of smell.

During her initial years, she decided to walk on the same path as her father and began college as a pre-med student.

However, things didn’t go as planned, and fast forward to 10 years later, she now has a huge audience with whom she shares her morning across an entire state.

Moreover, the father and daughter also shared other similar interests besides the medical field, as they are both licensed pilots.

Martin had trained in Ada and Dallas, Texas, and received her private pilot’s license on August 18, 2010. She also had planned to complete her instrumental rating to fly her father’s Cessna 340.

Well, the 33-year-old is loved by her family. A few days ago, she had gone to spend her weekend with her folks in her hometown.

Martin enjoying ice cream with her father. [Photo: Martin’s Instagram]

She uploaded a selfie with her dad and shared many snaps during her weekend. Furthermore, the lovely lady wrote that she went on night drives to ice cream with her dad.

All in all, she is a daddy’s girl and enjoys her time with her parents.

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Blissful Wedding After a Decade of Relationship With Her Husband

Martin and her husband, Chris McClain, decided to tie the knot at Telluride, Colorado. After being in a long-distance relationship for a decade, they couldn’t wait any longer.

After a dreamy proposal by her other half, the pair decided to walk down the wedding aisle on August 01, 2021.

She had announced the news of the wedding on her Facebook. The lovely lady said that she needed help because she couldn’t come up with a catchy wedding hashtag. Additionally, she revealed that they were getting married in the Colorado Mountains.

Martin and her husband during their wedding in the Colorado mountains. [Photo: Martin’s Instagram]

Furthermore, McClain is currently working as the First Vice President at CBRE. He has more than a decade of experience at that company and has served in different positions.

Nevertheless, the duo has led a happily married life and celebrated their second wedding anniversary not too long ago.

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Martin’s Parents and Sister Came to Surprise Her During the Proposal

Martin was proposed by her spouse, McClain, on Seaside, Florida, where she used to enjoy her summers with her family on the coast, and the place held many vivid memories for her.

Further, the news anchor had told her other half about that place when they were in a long-distance relationship.

Then, the lovebirds decided to book a trip there just for them during October’s off-season so that the place would be empty. She didn’t know that her partner had already planned a lot for that trip.

McClain and Martin were walking down the seashore while appreciating the view of that place. Her beau then started his monologue and talked about their long-distance connection and his pride in her career.

Then, he got down on his knee and asked her for forever. The news reporter got emotional, and her tears came without cease. After they hugged each other, she was told that there was a surprise photographer who had snapped their dreamy proposal.

The surprise didn’t end there, as Martin and McClain’s families were jumping with joy from the balcony of the Southern Exposure, where she had spent her summers growing up as a little kid.

Her sister, Margo, was so happy and couldn’t believe that she finally got a brother. She also shared the moment when she hugged her lover, and all of them laughed, looking at each other.

Martin’s Sister Is Also a Huge Personality

Martin isn’t the only popular one in her family, as her little sister, Margo Martin, is a communications specialist who has worked with high-profile people.

According to the Daily Mail, she has been an aide to the former president from his White House days.

Margo had attended a flight with Donald Trump. [Photo: Margo’s Instagram]

Since then, she has stayed in Trump’s group and is now employed as their team’s Deputy Director of Communications. Margo was confused with Trump’s wife, Melania, by a Fox News anchor, which led to a rise in her popularity even more.

All in all, her sister is also doing great in her career.