Former Navy Seal Mike Ritland Facts: Wife, Family & Net Worth

Last Updated : October 30, 2023

Dog Trainer and Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland [Photo: Instagram/mritland]

Mike Ritland is a former Navy Seal who dedicated his twelve years of life to the United Navy. He served his country within the special operations community by navigating the training ground and battlefield.

As of now, Ritland is the founder of the pet service Team Dog, which provides specialized training for dogs. He is also the host of the Mike Drop podcast, where he invites guests to discuss several topics, including politics.

Ritland Is A Father Of Two: Does He Have A Wife/Partner?

Mike Ritland is experiencing fatherhood and is raising two kids. He mentioned his children and having a happier relationship with both of them during a podcast session of First Class Fatherhood.

The podcast host sharing kids indicates he shares a romantic partner but likes to keep details under wrap. Also, he has yet to mention her on any of his social media platforms.

For this reason, the identity of his wife or partner remains unknown to the world, and he shows no signs of revealing it to the public.

However, Ritland once made a tribute post of his dog Rico after the demise of his furry partner.

Mike Ritland
Mike Ritland shared the tribute post of his dog Rico. [Photo: Instagram]

In the tribute post, there was a picture in which a woman and girl were seen with Rico. However, Ritland blurred their faces as he likely wanted to keep them away from the media.

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Insight Into His Family & Upbringing

Mike Ritland, born to parents Geroge and Sandy Ritland, was raised in a suburban area in Waterloo, Iowa. He developed a solid foundation of integrity, compassion, and hard work from his parents.

The former Navy once uploaded a picture with his Dad on Father’s Day with a beautiful caption on Instagram. In that post, he praised his father for being a fantastic man and a great father, with other thoughts poured in.

Mike Ritland
Mike Ritland with his father. [Photo: Instagram]

In addition, Ritland is not a single child of his dad and mom and shares three other siblings. Their names are Joe, Jake, and Lindsey, respectively.

Ritland also was close with his grandfathers. One of his grandfathers was a Navy, while another was an Army, and both contributed to their country serving in World War II.

Overall, Ritland seems close to his family but loves to keep his personal life private from the netizens.

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Mike Ritland’s Net Worth & Earnings

Mike Ritland likely must have amassed a considerable sum of net worth, but the exact figure remains vague. He is an entrepreneur, dog trainer, and YouTuber earning money through these works.

As a YouTuber, Ritland runs a podcast show called Mike Drop, also available on other platforms like Spotify. According to Social Blade, he earns $4.9K to $78.4K annually through YouTube.

Ritland also runs a pet service company, Team Dog, which provides Dog training programs. As per Glassdoor, the average earnings of a dog trainer is $44K to $73K and must be earning similar to it.

Through Team Dog, Ritland sells food, treats, supplements, gear, and accessories necessary for dogs. He also earns through merchandise sales of t-shirts, belts, and bags.

Furthermore, he has a dog company, Trikos International. It is a highly reputable dog training providing working K9s to many clients, including celebrities, private individuals, and government agencies.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur has authored and released several books. Some are Navy SEAL Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat and Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog-the Navy SEAL Way.

So, all these ventures must contribute a significant amount to Mike Ritland’s net worth.