Monica Padman Has Never Dated

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

Podcaster and Actor Monica Padman [Photo: Instagram/mlpadman]

Monica Padman hosts the podcast Monica and Jess Loves Boys with Jess Rowland, discussing the relationship approaches and dates through their lenses.

Jess has talked about his perspective on the relationship as a gay, and Monica has spoken about it as a straight person.

Padman Loves Boys But Doesn’t Have a Partner

Padman is a straight girl who has loved boys but has never had one as her boyfriend. She could count on her hands the number of times she has gone on a date with someone, but she has decided to change that.

So, in one of the episodes, Jess and Padman decided to bring an expert, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to help them find a romantic companion.

During her initial days, she felt that she was an Indian girl in Georgia who wasn’t attractive to the people she wanted to be loved by. Further, her mother has had a massive abandonment issue, and Padman claims that she has inherited that from her mama.

Padman is working with a professional to make her love life more sparky. [Photo: Padman’s Instagram]

Plus, Padman had intense anxiety during her twenties, and it also manifested physically then. She also said that she is an obsessive person and has fantasies about some physically unattainable people.

Moreover, the people she has fantasized about are mostly better than her in some aspects, and some have come close to getting real due to her OCD. And, when her fantasies get real, she would have completely lost interest in them.

Furthermore, she had gotten close to dating someone, but it didn’t work out. Dr. Drew advised her to leave her comfort zone and normalize dating.

A few months ago, she had also given her phone number to a guy, and they went on their first date. They were together for three hours, and she had a fun date experience. But she wasn’t feeling sparky and went on another date with him.

She thought that person wasn’t for her on their second date and felt guilty. And the unique thing was that the guy she was dating didn’t like Christmas or Halloween. Then, she said she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t like Christmas.

Nevertheless, except for her romantic life, she has a happy and comfortable life in other aspects.

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Her Confusing Social Media and Dating Life

The podcast host has loved joking about her relationship on social media handles. From time to time, she also jokes about her podcast partner Jess and has made some intriguing posts with one another. Padman has shared a picture with Jess and captioned it, “Pigs in love.”

Further, she attended a wedding ceremony with him and used a pig emoji again for the caption. Similarly, Jess wished her a happy birthday and looked forward to growing old with her. Also, she has jokingly shared a post of Kristen Bell, whom she has called her mother.

Sarcastically, she even claimed that she was engaged to Bell. Furthermore, Padman had wished her a happy birthday while calling Bell her mother, baby, and wife. She also said that she lived four and a half years with a boy, and in 2015, that ended.

Some sites have even reported that she has dated Cameron Cruz, but she hasn’t said anything about that officially. Overall, she loves confusing people and makes jokes about minor things, which makes her social media unique and exciting.

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Her Relationship With Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd

Padman loves joking about her relationship and even went on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live with Dax Shepard. Well, Shepherd jokingly said that the Armchair Expert Podcast host was part of a three-way marriage with him and his wife, Kristen Bell.

Monica with Shepherd on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [Photo: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube/Channel]

But he said that there wasn’t anything sexual in their tricycle of love. Further, Padman also lived with Shepard, Bell, and their two daughters. She even took care of their children when both of them got sick.

At last, she even joked that her marriage with Shepherd ended in divorce. All in all, she is a humorous and lively girl looking for the man of her dreams.