Movie Actor Murda Pain: Relationship, Net Worth, Weight Loss

Last Updated : November 6, 2023

Actor Murda Pain [Photo: Facebook/MurdaPainMovie]

Murda Pain is a movie actor and producer who has produced projects like The Serial Cheater. He is also known for his acting performances in McGraw Ave and 2Eleven.

In addition to working in the showbiz world, Pain is a hip-hop recording artist and rapper. People recognize him for his singles, such as ‘Get it Back,’ ‘Found Me,’ and ‘Get to da Money.’

Does He Have Any Children?

Murda Pain has a daughter, considering his social media updates. He often uploads posts with a girl named Boggie and once tweeted their pictures, stating nobody ever loved him like his baby girl.

Murda Pain
Murda Pain shared the Twitter post with Boogie. [Photo: Twitter]

As of 2023, Boogie is 18 years old. Moreover, besides her, he has also uploaded photos with other kids, but it remains a mystery if they are his own children.

Furthermore, the producer has a godson and updates fans about him occasionally. Pain once visited him with the love of his life in the southwest to see him play baseball.

The celebrity personality is a loving uncle of two nieces whom he features on his social feeds. One of the photos shared with his niece was captioned, “Happy [explicit] queen day 2 my niece @killcarla.”

Murda Pain, having nieces, hinted that he might not be the only child of his parents and that he could have siblings.

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Net Worth From His Movie Career

Murda Pain has earned considerable money from acting and producing movies. Unfortunately, the exact net worth figures remain unclear.

Currently, the actor must have made money from his production works in The Serial Cheater. It is available to watch on Vimeo, and the series has a total cost of $9.99.

Furthermore, the producer is also an actor in the television series McGraw Ave. He is the main lead, starring with Sino Harris, including others, and has two successful seasons streaming on Amazon Prime.

He has accumulated money from other acting attributes like Buffled Up!: The Movie and Got my Hustle Up.

The Plug Love actor even makes revenue as a hip-hop recording artist and rapper. He is the singer of the rap song ‘Get It Back,’ which has already crossed over 197K views on YouTube.

In conclusion, the producer enjoys a comfortable life, which he showcases on his Instagram handle. He continues to add money to his net worth through his showbiz career.

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More About Murda Pain

The rapper rarely posts but showcases unconditional love towards his mother. He even said he would pass away alone if he couldn’t die with her.

The Mule Producer has a sister and refers to her by Pistol. Unfortunately, the details of her personal life remain hidden from the prying public eye or simply unknown.

Murda Pain
Murda Pain with his sister. [Photo: Murda Pain’s Instagram]

As for his real name, it remains a mystery, but some sites have mentioned his name as Leonard Carl Grant. However, it is the realname of Uncle Murda, a rapper. Some have mistaken them to be the same guy.

Has Lost Weight Over the Years

The actor has indeed lost weight, considering the changes in his body from past and present. Fans also have commented on his weight loss in his social media posts.

Murda Pain once uploaded a Facebook photo captioning, “How it started > how it ended.” Many fans shared their views on his weight, and one user wrote, “Done lost all that weight I love my beefy men.”

Also, one of the fans commented and wrote, “noooo where da weight went.” Likewise, many fans shared their views and opinions when weight loss changes were seen in him.