Online Streamer N3on: Real Name, Net Worth, Sister

Last Updated : November 1, 2023

YouTuber and Online Streamer N3on [Photo: Instagram/n3onsingh]

N3on is a prolific gamer who has gained popularity via his YouTube channel named N3on. The channel boasts a staggering 644K subscribers with over 75 million views.

He started out in May 2016 by creating the channel and has come a long way in his career. Due to this, many have been wondering about his real name and other personal details.

The Truth Behind N3on’s Real Name

According to Famous Birthdays, the YouTuber is of Indian descent, and his real name is Rangesh Mutama. Furthermore, several other sites have reported the same.

However, a Twitter user has stated that it is his fake name. Instead, N3on’s real name is Mikyle Rafiq. Also, the YouTuber’s Instagram handle’s username is also the same.

The YouTuber’s real name has been discussed by many. [Photo: Twitter]

Also, the user stated that N3on was not Indian as he has an Arabic surname common in Pakistan.

Furthermore, to support his claim, the user also tweeted a video titled ‘Hajj 2015 USA’ and stated that if they didn’t believe him that N3on was Pakistani, then that was the video of his father at Hajj proving it.

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Exploring the YouTuber’s Net Worth

The popular internet personality made a name for himself as an NBA 2K content creator on social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube. In 2016, he started his YouTube channel and later uploaded videos.

As of 2023, he has come a long way, and it has definitely not been an easy path. Through every controversy and issue, he’s managed to rise above.

Besides fame, he has also earned a substantial amount. His net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1 million to $5 million.

Thanks to his YouTube channel with 644K subscribers, he’s estimated to earn $101.6K to $1.6 million per year. Also, his estimated monthly income from the channel is $8.5K to $135.5K.

Likewise, he also earns through NBA 2k streams. He has 163.7K followers on TikTok. Thus, from all these, he might have earned considerably, which might have added to his substantial fortune

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N3on’s Family: Has a Brother and a Sister

The YouTuber was born on August 13, 2004, in the United States. He is one of the three children of his dad, Rafiq Wazir Ali, and his mom, Hina Quadri.

His mother is involved in real estate and The Seniors Society, a recreational club for seniors of 60+ years.

On the other hand, his dad is the former band member of the popular Pakistani rock band Strings. He, along with Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, formed the band in 1988, and they performed until 1992.

Then, in 1999, the band made a comeback with Kapadia and Maqsood. As of writing, the current profession of N3on’s old man remains a mystery.

Moreover, he once mentioned in a podcast that his family members kicked him out of his house for constant streaming. So, he was planning to move to Miami by himself.

After his mom got sad about his moving out decision, he explained to his folks that he couldn’t give up as he’d already come so far. Eventually, they understood, and now they all are supportive of what he has been doing.

The YouTuber has a brother named Meer Rafiq and a sister, Misha Rafiq. His brother has appeared on his YouTube channel. Other than that, not much is known about his whereabouts.

The YouTuber has a brother and a sister. [Photo: Rafiq Wazir Ali Facebook]

On the other hand, N3on’s sister is an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government.

Side by side, she is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and National Security Studies.

Furthermore, his sister was the Director of Government Relations at the university’s Student Government until May 2023. She has also interned at the Texas Senate and Fort Bend County Constable.