The Mystery and Revelation of Nat Faxon’s Crooked Teeth

Last Updated : April 23, 2023


Nat Faxon was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 11, 1975, and is now 48. A native of Massachusetts spent his formative years in the seaside town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. The talented actor was born under the sign of Libra. His real name is Nathaniel Wales Faxon.

The Story Of Nat Faxon’s Teeth

Although Faxon’s impressive resume in the entertainment industry, he is probably better known for his pearly whites. As a matter of fact, Nat’s loyal fan base frequently expresses concern for his teeth on social media sites. Understandably, they wonder; about the veteran actor’s crooked teeth if they’re fake.

During “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Nat Faxon bares his crooked teeth in the context of a discussion about the massacre.

The talented voice actor said his older sister and relatives pressured him into kissing a woman. As a form of punishment, they forced his face against hers. In turn, his big fangs slashed her mouth. As the story emerged, the actor admitted the woman was his wife, Meaghan Gadd. Faxon and Gadd dated for quite some time before getting married in 2007.

Nat Faxon admitting about his crooked teeth Photo: Twitter]

The actor knows that Faxon’s crooked tooth is baffling his audience. So in a tweet, he expresses appreciation to his followers for tuning in to his broadcast and reveals that his crooked teeth have always looked that way.

What Was The Famous Actor’s Love Life Like?

Nat Faxon with his children [Photo: Twitter]

On February 3, 2007, Nat Faxon wed Meaghan Gadd, daughter of the late, great Steve Gadd. Ruthie, Beatrice, and Otis are the couple’s three children.

Meaghan Gadd’s mother is Carol Gadd, and her father is drummer Stephen Kendall Gadd. Carol is less comfortable in the spotlight than her husband is. Nat’s wife has avoided the spotlight but made a few public appearances alongside the actor. The comedian actor’s wife encourages his acting career.

Nat Faxon and his wife attending the premiere of The Way Way-Back-at-LA-Film-Festival at the Regal Theatre in Los Angeles on June 23, 2013 [Photo: Upi]

Over time, Gadd began to appear at the same gatherings as Faxon. At the Regal Theatre in Los Angeles during the LA Film Festival on June 23, 2013, they were recorded together at the dramatic comedy series The Way, Way Back premiere.

Meaghan Gadd has been cagey about her personal history, so much so that we don’t even know when she was born. Unfortunately, this means we currently have no way of knowing how old Nat Faxon’s wife is.

Family And Education

Faxon’s mother was Jewish of the Ashkenazi, and his father was of English and Colonial American descent. The rich actor’s paternal grandparents were Jews from Germany who emigrated to America in 1938.

When asked about his educational background, Nat said he first attended Boston’s Brookwood School and transferred to Plymouth, New Hampshire’s Holderness School. Faxon joined ‘Hamilton College’ afterward.

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Faxon’s Incredible Career

Nat Faxon has many roles in his Hollywood career, such as actor, comedian, voice actor, and playwright. The Groundlings in Los Angeles was Faxon’s first gig. The institute improved his performing arts skills for nearly a decade. He met Jim Rash, his writing partner, here.

Faxon made his fortune in advertisements before breaking into film and television. He promoted Holiday Inn hotels, Blockbuster, Swiffer Duster, Saturn, State Farm, Heineken, and TiVo.

Nat Faxon with Jim Rash from the set of “The Way Way Back” movie [Photo: Twitter]

1999’s “Rude Awakening” episode was Faxon’s debut. Grosse Pointe was his first major appearance as “Kevin” (2000). He then guest-starred on “Significant Others,” “Reno 911!,” “Joey,” “NCIS,” and “Happy Hour.” Additionally, the versatile actor guest-starred on “The Medicine Show,” “In My Opinion,” and “Romy and Michele: In the Beginning.”

Faxon played “Ben Fox” in Fox’s 2012 sitcom “Ben and Kate.” After this series, he starred in FX’s “Married” as “Russ Bowman” alongside Judy Greer. He voiced characters on “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad!” The actor gave his voice-acted for “The Fro” in MTV’s 2009 animated series DJ & the Fro.

The Boston native voiced Fox’s adult animated sitcom ‘Allen Gregory’ in 2011. In addition, he voiced “Sinjin Knightfire” in Disney’s “Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.”

Nat also voiced “Captain Underpants” and “Mr. Krupp” in “The Epic Adventures of Captain Underpants,” “Elfo” in “Disenchantment,” and “Stu” in “Harvey Street Kids.”

‘The Way, Far Back’ was co-written and directed by Faxon and Jim Rash. Both got praise for their directorial debut. Faxon will appear in “Charlie’s Angels” and “Downhill” (co-director).

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How tall is Nat Faxon?

He has a height and weight of 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m)

What is the Net \worth of Nat Faxon?

As of Married Biography, his net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

How much is Nat Faxon’s Salary?

There is no exact answer to this; however, he to $65,000 per episode for “Ben and Kate” (2012), according to IMDb.