NBC New York Anchor Natalie Pasquarella: Age, Husband & Height

Last Updated : October 12, 2023

NBC New York Anchor Natalie Pasquarella [Photo: Instagram/natalienews]

Natalie Pasquarella is a broadcast journalist working for NBC New York. She is the co-anchor for the show News 4 New York.

Having kicked off her career in her hometown, she has been working for NBC New York since September 2015. She even worked for WSOC-TC for seven years.

Natalie Pasquarella Hails From Steubenville, Ohio

As of 2023, Pasquarella’s age is 41 years. She was born Natalie Ann Pasquarella on January 25, 1982, in Steubenville, Ohio.

The journalist was welcomed by her dad, Tony Pasquarella, and her mom, Kathie Pasquarella. She is one of the four children in an Italian/Lebanese family.

In the past, Tony and Kathie had a pizza shop named Pasqurella’s Pizza in their hometown. Moreover, Pasquarella’s mom has worked in Education and Training for over four decades at Trinity Health System.

In September 2021, Pasquarella’s mom was honored with the St. Francis Award for service by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio.

Furthermore, the journalist is the eldest of four and grew up having a wonderful time with her sister, Valerie Pasquarella, and brothers, Nick Pasquarella and Joseph Pasquarella.

Pasquarella and her siblings’ aspirations were supported by their dad and mom as long as they worked hard and respected others.

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Has Been with Her Husband Since 2007

Natalie Pasquarella has been happily married to her husband, Jamin Pastore. According to one of her Instagram posts, she met her hubby at a football game.

Their love story began at a high school football game in her hometown in 2005. She was sideline reporting for WTOV. Her alma mater was playing his alma mater, and Pastore was there with his father and brother.

Pastore saw her on the Jumbotron and wanted to say hello. After the game, when she was taking her mic off, she saw a handsome guy and smiled.

She later found out that Pastore had his brother call the TV station to find out who she was. Then, a few days later, he sent her a friend request on Facebook.

Pasquarella and Pastore met in 2005. [Photo: Instagram]

Since Pastore was a star athlete while at college, she asked the veteran sports director at the station if he’d heard of him, and the director stated he knew him.

According to The Sun, the love birds started dating in 2007. The duo still go head over heels for one another, and their bond seems to be getting stronger than ever.

Sharing Milestones Together

In June 2012, Pasquarella shared a picture of her beau and wrote, “My fiancé found the #KentState logo on our friend Usama Young,” which suggested they had gotten engaged. As per her other post, he proposed to her while hanging out in Boca Beach, Florida.

Finally, on May 25, 2014, the lovely duo walked down the aisle. She took to Instagram to share about her big day. The couple has come a long way since they exchanged their vows.

Pasquarella and Pastore got married in May 2014. [Photo: Instagram]

In August 2017, she shared a photo of a cake with a design that read, “Big Apple Baby on the Way!” She penned in the caption that they were expecting Baby J that fall.

In September 2017, when she was in the middle of a segment during the 11 p.m. news, her water broke. She finished the show and delivered her son, Jamin James Pastore, a month earlier than her delivery date.

Furthermore, in May 2019, Pasquarella shared a picture of her son and announced that they were expecting a baby girl. In October 2019, she gave birth to her daughter, Jada Kathryn Pastore.

Since 2016, the couple has been living in North Jersey. They love the proximity of New Jersey and Bergen County. Their home also has a yard, and they were able to have more room to spread out since the arrival of their babies.

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Natalie Pasquarella’s Height and Weight Loss

The beautiful journalist is five feet five inches tall and weighs 190lb. Some even seem to be curious about Natalie Pasquarella’s weight loss.

However, there has been no evidence, and she has not said anything about the matter. But, in September 2014, she covered a piece for WSOC-TV, and it was about a Charlotte attorney, Deanna Taylor.

The attorney was once at risk for serious health problems because her weight transformed her lifestyle. The heaviest weight Taylor got up to was 230 pounds, and doctors advised her to lose weight.

Then, she took 30-minute walks daily and bought a fitness game console. Over time, she began shedding weight, and in about eight months, she lost 85 pounds.

In September 2014, Taylor joined the American Heart Association to help others who have been through what she had.