Nessa Barrett [TikTok Star] Wiki, Dating, Parents, Net Worth

Last Updated : January 23, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 20 Years OldBoyfriend/Dating: Jaden Hossler
Nessa Barrett TikTok Star Wiki Dating Parents Net Worth

Who is Nessa Barrett?

Nessa Barrett, whose actual name is Janesa Barrett, started as a TikTok star and has amassed over 15 million followers on the platform. She has been involved in quite a few controversies and dramas throughout the years.

Despite Barrett having found brilliant success through social media from a young age, she has been open about internet fame never being her end goal. When talking to Variety, she said that she started to find herself after she started following her dreams of doing music. 

The rising musician has also spoken about her worries of her social media beginnings hindering her musical career. Still, she has been gradually moving towards her dream of becoming a musical artist, with her latest work La Di Die being received extremely well. Barrett even performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Show recently.

Nessa Barrett has been a popular personality in TikTok. But she has always wanted to be a musician and never thought of TikTok as her primary thing. She says one factor that influenced her was her father, who she described as a “hungry artist.” 

The TikTok star turned musician released her singles, Pain and If U Love Me in 2020. While both tracks did well, receiving millions of views, it was her song La Di Die featuring Jaden Hossler (jxdn) that put her on the map for music lovers. It was co-written and co-produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The song is about the dark side of fame and Barrett explained that the song “touches on how fame is dramatized and something most people wish for when in reality, it’s a dark and evil place.”

La Di Die, which was released in February 2020, has already crossed the 21 million mark in just two months. Barrett along with jxdn and Travis Barker performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as The Ellen Show.

Music Is Barrett’s Coping Skill

In an interview with Cool Accidents, Barrett shared about how she viewed music, calling it her only coping skill. She had also previously been open about her struggles with mental health.

If I’m being honest, music is one of the only ways that I can actually express myself because I can say so much that’s on my mind without actually saying it. It’s my only outlet, my only coping skill and it does help.

Barrett grew up around studios as her father had one in their house. She recorded her first song when she was four and later used music to cope with her mental health issues. In fact, the TikTok star went as far as saying that music gave her a reason to live.

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Dating Jaden Hossler

Nessa Barrett is dating Jaden Hossler a.k.a jxdn. The two were romantically linked after La Di Die came out and their relationship already created a huge TikTok drama. Her parents also commented on the drama, with her father pointing out that the involved parties were just teenagers. “Come on, they’re teenagers man. Let them live. Nobody is perfect.”

Before getting together with Hossler, the La Di Die singer was previously dating fellow TikTok star Josh Richards.

How Much is Nessa Barrett Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nessa Barrett has a net worth of $1 million.