Nick Lavery And His Wife Discusses Where To Raise Their Family

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Special Forces Warrant Officer and Author Nick Lavery [Photo: Facebook/Nick.Machine.Lavery]

Nick Lavery is a proud husband and leads a successful marital life with his wife, Toni Lavery. They have also stepped into parental life and have built a happy family of four, raising two kids.

Lavery loves spending time with his kids and beloved. The family prefers to live away from the limelight, which has intrigued people about their current whereabouts.

Lavery Is Planning To Move North With His Wife?

Nick Lavery has shared a married journey with his wife for over six years, but their wedding details remain low-key. As noted earlier, he shares two kids with her, making a happy family.

The author’s kids are the highlight of his life, and his family is the most important thing in his life by a mile.

A photo collage of Nick Lavery and his life partner. [Photo: Nick Lavery’s Instagram]

The family man has often had conversations with his lover about where he will raise his family after getting out of work. From his perspective, he would like to go up north, or ideal for him, maybe central or western mass.

Lavery cites it’s all about what culture he wants to raise his kids while speaking of raising his family. So, he looks forward to raising his kids in the countryside and cityside scenarios, balancing both.

Furthermore, Lavery often makes sure to spare time to spend with his spouse despite his busy work. For instance, in 2016, after the Somalia deployment mission, he transferred his group from third to fifth because of his partner.

In addition, Lavery transferred because his spouse went down a different career path and got orders for Fort Campbell, and they could spend as much time as possible.

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Lavery’s Wife Is as Tough as Him

Nick Lavery’s lover is also a fearless military personnel like him. She is equally as challenging as him and does several training sessions with him, including combat training.

Lavery’s better half has possibly sharpened her shooting skills through her regular training. This power duo often inspires netizens, and once a user commented on one of his posts, saying, “Such an inspirational couple!!!”

Nick Lavery’s gorgeous spouse. [Photo: Nick Lavery’s Instagram]

Lavery once cited his significant other’s sixth deployment. He said, “I can attest to the hardship because of what I go through every day that my wife is gone. I’d prefer to have bullets zip over my head than live that part.”

The romantic duo works and trains hard daily but doesn’t miss out on enjoying little things. They often spend time together and sometimes hang out with close colleagues.

Overall, Lavery is a loving husband who loves his other half passionately.

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Fatherhood Accomplished: Proudly fulfilling Responsibilities

Nick Lavery is a responsible father who spends time with his kids, citing that it matters most, although you are busy. He believes there is no point in building an empire if we don’t have loved ones along their side.

Furthermore, Lavery enjoys drawing and reading with his kids. As of August 2022, one of his kids was five years old, and the other one was 16 months.

Moving forward, Lavery always celebrates his Alive Day on March 11 every year. He suffered a massive accident on March 11, 2013, losing his limb, but overcame it with the help of his family, teammates, and more.

Nick Lavery’s Facebook post. [Photo: Nick Lavery’s Facebook]

In conclusion, Lavery leads a happy family and marriage with his lovely spouse. Hopefully, they will continue to share more years filled with joy and beautiful moments.