Psychologist Bhavna Vaswani Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Daughters, Job, Net Worth

Last Updated : March 12, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): N/AHusband/Spouse: Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan

Who is Bhavna Vaswani?

Bhavna Vaswani is an Indian-American psychologist, philanthropist, and social worker. Vaswani has been in the field of therapy since a long time ago, and she has a profound interest in it.

The social worker also garnered a lot of fame, being the wife of the renowned filmmaker Manoj Nelliyattu “M. Night” Shyamalan.

The philanthropist, with her husband Shyamalan, founded M. Night Shyamalan Foundation to uplift leaders from all around the world to overcome poverty and social injustice to form equality.

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Short Bio: Age, Birth, Ethnicity

Vaswani was born in India on January 19. Her year of birth isn’t known. However, Bhavna is a Capricon.

Although the psychologist has lived in several places in her lifetime, she holds American citizenship. Bhavna belongs to the Indian ethnicity.

Bhavna Vaswani Family, Siblings Details

The philanthropist’s parents lived in Uganda but returned to their native land, India, before Vaswani was born to make her connect to their motherland.

Bhavna Vaswani’s parents. (Credit: Instagram)

After Bhavna’s birth, the family relocated to Uganda until they were made to flee the country during the exile of Asians. Vaswani, along with her family, moved to Hongkong.

The psychologist’s father started an import-export business which didn’t do well and eventually went bankrupt. After bankruptcy, her father got a job in the US, and the family moved there when Bhavna was 17.

Vaswani has one older sister, one younger sister, and one younger brother. The philanthropist’s father passed away in August 2007, and her mother shifted back to India.

Bhavna Vaswani Education Qualification

Bhavna initially studied in Hong Kong under the British System until 17. However, she had to transfer to a school in the US after her family shifted there.

After she graduated high school, she got into New York University and majored in psychology with her passion and dedication.

However, Vaswani wanted to study the human mind more so git her master’s degree and Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College with a psychology major.

Bhavna Vaswani Career Background

The psychologist developed an interest in helping others through therapy at a very young age. The human mind intrigued her, so she majored in psychology.

After completing their masters and Ph.D., Vaswani began working at a clinic in Philadelphia, where she counseled young victims of sexual abuse.

She also loved social work; she volunteered at different places while working as a therapist. However, in 2001, Bhavna stopped working and, along with her husband, founded the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation.

Through the foundation, she helped the leaders of different communities from all over the world fight off social injustice.

Bhavna Vaswani Husband and Daughters

Vaswani met her filmmaker husband, Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan, during her college years at NYU. Shyamalan had fallen deeply for her when they met, but she was in another relationship.

The couple worked out as friends for around a year but eventually formed a connection, and Bhavna accepted Shyamalan’s proposal. Initially, the psychologist’s parents didn’t approve of their relationship as they didn’t trust Shyamalan’s filmmaking career.

Eventually, the parents made peace with it, and the couple got married in 1993. Bhavna moved with her husband, Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bhavna with her Husband (Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan) and Daughters.

Shyamalan has deep connections to his hometown, and most of his movies are also set there. The couple has three daughters Saleka, Ishani, and Shivani.

The psychologist was with her husband even when he struggled in his career.

How Much is Bhavna Vaswani Net Worth?

Bhavna has been earning from her career as a therapist and psychologist. With her long career, it is estimated that her net worth is $2.7 million. However, currently, she is more involved in social work.

Physical Appearance

The Indian-descent psychologist is gorgeous with long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Even with three daughters, she looks as if she hasn’t aged. Her brunette beauty and killer looks make her stand out.

Bhavna Vaswani 5 Quick Facts:

  • Vaswani spend the first year of her life in Uganda.
  • The parents of the psychologist held were Ugandan British.
  • Bhavna’s friend would tell their problems to her as even at a young age, she could help them well.
  • Her older sister was the one who told her about the profession of a therapist.
  • Bhavna was taught to give back to society by her religious and altruistic mother, and so the philanthropist loves doing social work.

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