Reba McEntire Talks About Her Stepson’s Split with Kelly Clarkson

Last Updated : September 13, 2022

Reba McEntire

In other Kelly Clarkson news, her divorce seems to be getting more complicated by the day. The first American Idol thought she had found her forever love in Brandon Blackstock, but it turns out she only found a little love. Even though they had two beautiful children together, their marriage couldn’t last. Clarkson began dating Brandon Blackstock in 2012. Narvel Blackstock is the name of his dad.

Reba McEntire, who is a big name in country music, was once married to the older Blackstock. He also managed Clarkson when she started dating his son. Brandon Blackstock became Kelly Clarkson’s husband and manager when they got married in 2013. Reba McEntire became her mother-in-law (McEntire and Blackstock were married from 1989 until their divorce in 2015). So what do we know about Kelly Clarkson’s divorce now?

Divorce Finalized

Despite the fact that the divorce was filed in 2020, the procedure took some time. It wasn’t completed until August 2021, and only because Kelly Clarkson requested the court to allow her and her husband a chance to move on with their lives and start again. Nobody knows what went wrong, but we do know she filed the lawsuit and stated irreconcilable differences. The diva has not spoken about her motivations, but someone close to her has. “They fought on so many levels, and being in quarantine together exacerbated their issues beyond repair.”

Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson
Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson

As a result, she filed for divorce. Everyone assumed Kelly and Brandon had the ideal marriage, but they didn’t. “Brandon is quite relaxed, but Kelly is somewhat high-strung,” an unidentified insider told Us Magazine. Clarkson did not respond to the rumor.

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What About Reba McEntire?

Rebe McEntire and Kelly Clarkson were friends even before Reba married Kelly’s stepson, and McEnt divorced Kelly’s father-in-law. The public wants to hear about Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson because she is a very significant people to Clarkson. Are they still close? Was their relationship still intact or did this also end it? Brandon is not her biological son, and McEntire technically divorced the Blackstock family. McEntire kept quiet about it for a considerable amount of time. She is a lady who understands how to mind her own business and does not wish to interfere. She was pressed repeatedly, though, particularly when Blackstock persisted in contesting a judge’s decision about the couple’s joint Montana house and custody of their children.

“You know, I love them both. Brandon’s my stepson; Kelly’s my good friend…I am pulling for both of them. I hope they’re happy and healthy and pull through this. I pray everyone gives them the encouragement they can because they need it right now, both of them do. I love both of them with all my heart,” said the country music singer.

She conveyed her argument in a clear, honest, and succinct manner. In essence, she isn’t interfering in their private lives; therefore people should stop asking.

Blackstock Cannot Let it Go

Brandon Blackstock appears to be making things tough for Clarkson and prolonging everything, which is regrettable. The separation is concluded. The pair signed a prenuptial agreement before their 2013 wedding that clarified all that needed to be said, and Clarkson was granted custody.

As a result, Blackstock must leave the home he wishes to stay in (in Montana), as it is Clarkson’s property. A judge allowed him plenty of time to go, but Blackstock is making things challenging. He desires the residence. The home belongs to Clarkson. The owner wants to sell the property. Her decisions have angered him. He receives a lot from his ex-wife already, but he wants more. Several reports claim he gets a sizable chunk of money from his ex-wife.

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