Rollo Tomassi [Author] Facts- Wiki, Age, Real Name, Family, Wife, Daughter

Last Updated : January 18, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 53 Years OldMarital Status: Married

Who is Rollo Tomassi?

Regarded as the ‘Godfather of the Red Pill,’ Rollo Tomassi is the author of the #1 best-selling book series, ‘The Rational Male,’ about intersexual relationships and positive masculinity.

The author contributed to popularizing the non-academic use of the term “hypergamy,” which is defined as the act of marrying a spouse of a higher caste.

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Short Bio: Age, Real Name

Tomassi, whose real name is George W. Miller, will soon celebrate his 53rd birthday on April 2, 2022; born in 1969, he is an Aries. We don’t know of his ethnicity as he hasn’t clarified it.

The author is an American nationality.

Family and Education

The author’s hometown is Pasadena, California; however, now he lives in Reno in Nevada with his wife. We don’t know his parents, siblings, or professions as he hasn’t revealed their identity.

As for his degree, he graduated with his bachelor’s from the University of Nevada, Reno; his major isn’t known.

Career: Books, YouTube

Rollo Tomassi is an advocate of positive masculinity, so since 2011, he has been writing blogs, essays, articles on his site, ‘The Rational Male’; he later published his book on the same name in 2013.

The author published the books in three parts, discussing the relationships and the connection between men and women.

Similarly, he is also active in his Youtube Channel, where he does case study regarding divorce and marriage.

The activist also is a frequent guest in podcasts such as Fit and Fine and Rich Dad, where he has talked about several issues and given life lessons.

Rollo Tomassi's YouTube Channel
Rollo’s Youtube Channel
The Rational Male Blog

Rollo Tomassi Wife and Daughter

Even if Tomassi has attacked marriage and the beliefs surrounding it, the author himself has been married for 25 years. Rollo got married in July of 1996, and even if his views are negative towards marriage, he seems happy.

The author also has a daughter. However, the name of both his spouse and daughter has not been made public.

Rollo Tomassi’s Views

The Godfather of the ‘red pill,’ said to reveal the harsh truths, shows the reality of relationships through male and female perspectives. Many support his views and criticize them as they are quite controversial.

As per the author, men, under the influence of the ‘blue pill,’ which deceives people from reality, think women are angelic who would let in any nice guy, whereas women, on the other hand, opt for a guy from a higher social background. This, however, Rollo, claims to be a hypothesis that anyone can put input to.

Tomassi thinks Men can’t find their place as female interests are prioritized more often, which is quite controversial as most professions remain male-dominated.

Moreover, the activist also dislikes the concept of marriage as he thinks it’s more of a contract and regards it as one of the worst mistakes a man can make; this view too can be criticized as marriage is a foundation that two people build, so it doesn’t lean to only one person as he claims it to.

Tomassi has done case studies highlighting how 50% of the marriages in the US end up in divorce, marking it as the reason why marriage could be a bad decision.

Physical Appearance

Rollo Tomassi has a fit and healthy body with a good height. We can see the author wearing a beanie in most of his youtube videos, so we can say he is very fond of it.

Net Worth/Income

Even as a famous author, he doesn’t disclose his private details. The exact net worth of Tomassi isn’t known to the public, but we can assume that he has a pretty good share of the property with his blooming career.

Other Interesting Trivia and Facts

  • His youtube channel has 151k subscribers and has a total of about 16 million views.
  • Rollo Tomassi revenue from his channel is around $88,000 as of January 2022.
  • Rollo Tomassi is a prominent member of, ‘Manosphere’, which is a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting masculinity.
  • The author also views feminism as a religion than a movement with how far people have taken it.
  • As per his Linkedin profile, he has also done his master’s but where he did it and his major isn’t clarified as of now.

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