More About Sade Baderinwa’s Relationship & Her Adoptive Mother

Last Updated : October 4, 2023

ABC7NY Sade Baderinwa

Sade Baderinwa is known for her career as an American broadcast journalist. The beautiful lady works with New York’s ABC affiliate, WABC-TV, hosting 11:00 news and the 5:00 Eyewitness News Segment.

Before joining the WABC team, Sade worked for WBAL-TV, the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, from 2000 to 2003. She is also the creator and developer of a mentoring program, Get ‘Reel’ With Your Dreams: The Inside Track.

Rumors Surrounding Sade’s Relationship And Partner

Sade Baderinwa’s relationship status and her married life is always a topic of interest. She has remained tight-lipped in discussing her romantic life or partner, and details remain vague.

However, there were rumors that Sade was sharing a romantic relationship with the former politician Martin O’Malley. Multiple sites have even stated that she could have been even pregnant with the latter’s baby.

Sade Baderinwa husband
Sade Baderinwa was rumored to be dating Martin O’Malley. [Photo: Sade Baderinwa’s Instagram]

Although speculations of Sade and Martin’s romantic relationship rose, neither spoke about these whispers.

Well, the former politician has been married to his wife, Katie O’Malley, since 1990.

Plus, Sade’s social handles are full of her professional work posts and updates. She is likely busy with her journalism work, not considering marriage and having a husband.

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Her Parents Are Of Different Ethnic Background

Sade Baderinwa was born Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa on April 14, 1969, and is 50 years old. The news anchor’s biological father is a Nigerian, while her biological mother is a German.

But, the names of her parents are unknown.

She revealed the nationality of her parents by replying to a Twitter user @witty_jenny[Jennifer Guillaume]. She wrote, “@witty_jenny that’s sweet of you to say Jennifer. My father is Nigerian – my mother – German.”

Sade Baderinwa
Sade Baderinwa revealed her parents’ nationalities in one of her tweets. [Photo: Twitter]

Sade didn’t get to spend much of her early life with her dad and mom. At the age of seven, her father returned to Africa, and her mother was absent for most of Sade’s life.

Sade first met Edie House when she accompanied her father to the House residence in Baltimore. During that time, Sade was under the custody of her father.

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Edie House Is The Journalist’s Adoptive Mother

As noted earlier, Sade Baderinwa’s birth parents left her when she was young. After that, Edie House was the one who looked after the little kid.

Sade never felt the absence of love during Edie’s parenting years. She was also close to Edie’s parents, James and Edith House. They never distinguished between her and their biological grandkids, providing equal love.

Sade Baderinwa
Sade Baderinwa is the adopted daughter of Edie House. [Photo: Sade Baderinwa’s Instagram]

Sade once said, “Edie taught me how to be a lady, to have aspirations, to work hard and be classy.” Her adoptive mother’s presence in her life shaped her life and held an essential place.

As per Sade, Edie was her mother, and she will always be.

Edie House was a director of communications for the Baltimore City school system back in 2002. She was formerly WBAL-TV anchor in Baltimore at the time of Sade’s adoption.

Edie doesn’t credit only herself for fostering Sade but has spoken about the joint efforts of her parents, godparents, and others.

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Sade Baderinwa’s Net Worth And Salary

Sade Baderinwa must be enjoying a comfortable life through her successful journalism career. She has been an anchor at WABC-TV, an ABC flagship station, since 2003.

The fantastic lady is co-anchor of WABC-TV’s weekday 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts of Eyewitness News with Bill Litter. In addition, she has been serving as a regular moderator in the United Nations’ celebration of International Women’s Day.

Sade Baderinwa  net worth
Sade Baderinwa with her co-news anchor Bill Ritter. [Photo: Sade Baderinwa’s Instagram]

Furthermore, according to Comparably, the average yearly wage of a news anchor is $59,239. Sade may make a similar round figure or even more based on her experience.

Overall, Sade has achieved good fortune and continues to add money through her journalism career.