Sandra Bookman’s Husband Loves Preparing Delicious Dishes

Last Updated : October 8, 2023

WABC Reporter and Anchor Sandra Bookman and her husband Savio Oppio

Reporter and anchor Sandra Bookman is enjoying a blissful marital life with her husband, Savio Oppio. The adorable couple has been together for over a decade now.

She always appreciates her beau for supporting her, and their bond has grown stronger as time went on. Not many may know this, but Oppio is a talented cook.

Bookman’s Husband Is Interested In Cooking

Well, there is a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” However, the roles are kind of reversed here.

Back in February 2017, when Bookman shared a photo of Carbonara, one of her followers asked if that was one of her favorite dishes to cook. Eventually, she replied that it was her husband who prepared the food.

Sandra Bookman revealed her husband loves cooking. [Source: Twitter]

Over time, the anchor has shared images of the delicious food cooked by her better half constantly on social media.

For instance, in July 2020, she shared a picture of pasta and calms, which her partner cooked. She penned, “My wonderful husband prepared one of my favorites: pasta and clams. But with lupini, a very tiny clam-like shellfish from Italy. It was DELIZIOSI!!!”

Apart from that, it is evident from Oppio’s Instagram that he is also into cars.

Well, Bookman hasn’t disclosed much information regarding her marital life. What is known is that the lovely duo celebrates their anniversary in November.

Furthermore, many sites have claimed that the duo tied the knot in 2015.

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Oppio Got US Citizenship In 2017

The reporter’s husband was born in Italy. But later, he moved to the United States and finally got his citizenship card in 2017.

In September 2017, Sandra Bookman shared a post on Facebook saying, “Big day for my husband.” Oppio had passed the interview on the road to citizenship with flying colors. Furthermore, he also got tentative approval for his application.

His next step was to get official confirmation and a date to take the oath. The couple also celebrated by going to their favorite restaurant.

One month later, in November, she shared a post to congratulate her husband as he took the oath of American citizenship alongside 151 other candidates from 48 countries. The reporter said she watched with tears in her eyes as he took the oath.

Sandra Bookman’s husband, Savio Oppio, got a US citizenship card in 2017 [Photo: Bookman’s Facebook]

Further, she composed, “For Savio, registering to vote today was also a highlight. He can’t wait for the next election.”

His dreams came early, as he also voted for the first time since becoming an American citizen in September 2018,

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The Married Duo Shares A Great Bond

As stated earlier, Sandra Bookman and her husband, Savio Oppio, have been together for several years now.

In addition, they also, at times, attend different kinds of events together. Back in 2013, Bookman and Oppio looked adorable together when they went to Sephora VIBIs to Celebrate the New NEST Fine Fragrances Collection.

The lovely duo has also gone on vacations many times. She never fails to share those vacation pictures on her social media handle.

In addition, the two never fail to wish on each other’s special day. Bookman loves celebrating other people’s birthdays but not her own.

Nonetheless, Oppio also always tunes in to watch her on live TV. Then he sends her a screenshot with his commentary, which she loves. She has always described him as a wonderful husband.

Well, he was also there when she celebrated decades at WABT-TV and Disney,

Sandra Bookman and her husband, Savio Oppio celebrating her achievement. [Source: Bookman’s Facebook]

All in all, the reporter and her better half are still going strong in their relationship, spending quality time together.

Unfortunately, she has yet to reveal if the duo shares any kids together.