Attorney Sara Azari: Age, Net Worth, and Husband

Last Updated : October 22, 2023

Attorney Sara Azari [Photo: Facebook/lawofficeofsaraazari]

Sara Azari is a practicing lawyer specializing in white-collar crime. Her work is to defend clients in federal district courts and state courts nationwide.

Furthermore, Azari provides legal commentary and analysis for national media outlets like NBC, CNN, and ABC.

Left Iran Due to the Revolution

As of 2023, Azari’s age is 51 years old. She was born on October 26, 1971 in Iran. She was seven years old when she left Iran due to the revolution.

Azari and her sister, Sepi Seraji, went to the American School. When Khomeini came in in ’79, her parents wanted her and Sepi to go to the same school in London. So, they left immediately.

However, Azari’s dad, who was an entrepreneur/CPA, was on the list of people who couldn’t leave the country. At the time of the revolution, they were freezing everybody’s assets so that they could not leave.

After things eased up, Azari’s father sold everything there and was planning to move to LA. But he passed away on August 24, 1984, at the age of 43, two months shy from the planned moving day.

Azari, along with her sister and mom, spent years in London before moving to the USA. Her mama was an entrepreneur/CPA and was also the first in her family with a Ph.D.

Unfortunately, Azari’s mama passed away in 2013, on the same day as her dad, August 24. The lawyer has also gotten the tattoo, VIII XXIV, of the day she lost her parents in the gap of 29 years.

Azari’s parents passed away on the same day, 29 years apart. [Photo: Instagram]

Azari often shows her gratitude for her late parents through her Instagram posts dedicated to them.

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Sara Azari’s Net Worth as a Criminal Lawyer

Azari is currently self-employed as a Trial Attorney. She came to criminal defense from corporate law.

Azari went to UCLA and graduated in June 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature. Then, she went to Southwestern Law School, from where she earned a Doctor of Law – JD in December 1999.

During her time in law school, criminal law and criminal procedure was one of her favorite topics. She was working for a personal injury attorney and knew that was not her niche.

Then, after graduating, she started working at Baker & McKenzie in their Rio office. She moved to South America, did gas and oil transactions, a business, and even fought over somebody’s money or house. But nothing was exciting for her.

So, once Azari moved to LA, she started exploring the criminal law. On her first at Tony & Mike, she knew that was it. She has since then been working in the field and has made a name for herself. She has also been working as a legal analyst for NewsNation since March 2023.

According to Glassdoor, a trial attorney’s average salary is $169K per year. She might have earned considerably, which is why Sara Azari’s net worth must be a significant amount.

Well, some online sites have reported that she has a fortune worth $5 million.

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Exploring Azari’s Love Life: Does She Have A Husband?

Azari’s love life has always intrigued many. She has not talked about her relationship status or boyfriends. But, some of her Instagram posts have made fans curious and confused at the same time.

In November 2016, Azari shared a photo with a guy and captioned it, saying, “Mr. & Mrs. Hinkle’s staycation.” She even tagged him, and he was Bill Hinkle. She had shared photos with him multiple times and even called him her Valentine in February 2017.

Azari called herself Mrs. Hinkle. [Photo: Instagram]

But, in July 2023, while wishing him a Happy Birthday, she referred to him as a friend.

Furthermore, in January 2018, Azari shared a photo with a guy holding her waist as they sat close. She penned in the caption, “#tbt to sun-kissed skin and belly laughs with great friends #vacayvibes #trancoso.”

In the comment section, Carlyle Ferreira revealed that he loved the picture and it was the best birthday ever. To which she replied, “@carlyl3 love the pic and you. Keep celebrating!”

Sara Azari shared a photo with a guy. [Photo: Instagram]

Azari kept sharing numerous pictures with Ferreira, and they looked cute.

In December 2019, she uploaded their photo, where she was kissing him on the cheek, and wrote, “Reunited with my favorite human @carlyl3 #gusband.”

Sara Azari often calls him her husband. However, the exact truth of their relationship remains a mystery.