Savannah Sellers’ Husband and Their Wonderful Wedding

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

NBC News Savannah Sellers with her husband Alex Yaraghi [Photo: Instagram/watchsavannah]

Savannah Sellers is committed to her long-time partner, Alex Yaraghi. The NBC News/MSNBC correspondent and her husband had a wonderful marriage ceremony in Italy.

Her good friend, Shelli Benfatti, planned the auspicious event.

Her Husband Is an Associate Director

Based in New York City, Sellers’ partner works as an Investment Analyst at Citadel Global Equities. He started working in the form in 2021 and has been involved in the business ever since.

Additionally, he has been an Executive in Residence at Georgetown University for almost four years.

Besides, according to his bio at Steers Real Estate, Yaraghi is an Associate Director at the U.S. Real Estate investment team at Cohen and Steers Capital Management.

The news host’s partner is responsible for the team’s investment in U.S. housing, lodging, and gaming across the firm’s real estate strategies.

Sellers’ Husband Is An Associate Director [Photo: Savannah Sellers’ Instagram]

Before joining the team, Yaraghi was a Senior Associate at Strategic Value Partners. He attended Saint James School from 2002 to 2006.

Further, he received an MBA from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Finance from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business.

Moreover, Yaraghi also holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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Got Married in Italy

When the lovebirds decided to get married, they agreed to have an epic celebration. “We were like, ‘Let’s go big,” said Sellers in an interview with PEOPLE.

On September 16, 2022, the NBC News correspondent and her husband Yaraghi swapped wedding vows in a sacred ceremony.

The event was attended by 150 guests at Villa Corsini in Mezzomomnte, Italy.

Regarding planning her wedding, Sekkers said she wanted everyone to have the experience of a lifetime. So, she wanted the location to be a secret. Sellers added. “It gave things a fun element of surprise!”

Sellers And Her Partner Got Married In Italy [Photo: Savannah Sellers’ Instagram]

The couple got married in a Tuscan garden with a beautiful view. Additionally, Sellers and Yaraghi had even written their vows and described the experience as very emotional.

The three-day affair featured an all-white-themed welcome party. Moreover, the two bought out the Il Salviatino villa for their big day, where the duo hosted 80 of their friends and family members.

On the occasion, the news host wore a white mermaid gown and paired it with elegant emerald studs and her engagement ring.

Besides, the news host shared it was a coincidence that the wedding day matched up with their anniversary. The couple met on September 16, 2017, at a bar in the West Village of Manhatten.

She added, “And we got married on September 16, 2022, in the Tuscan hills. It was meant to be!”

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She Expected Her Suprise Engagement

The TODAY and NBC News Correspondent’s boyfriend proposed to her on Friday while the couple were on a a trip to California.

She said, “I had an idea something was up but didn’t want to let myself fully believe it.” Yaraghi had told her they were spending a night in a tent on the cliffs at Torrey Pines.

However, he had other plans, and there was no tent when the couple got there. Yaraghi asked if she was ready and got down on his knee to propose.

Sellers shared that Yaraghi had a photographer to capture the beautiful moment.

Sellers’ Husband Had Planned A Surprise Proposal. [Photo: Savannah Sellers’ Instagram]

Further, when the news anchor saw the gorgeous ring from David S. Diamonds, she was shaken and surprised. A few moments later, their sibling celebrated the joyful moment together.

Eventually, they returned home, and the analyst’s parents were already at Sellers’ house. It turned out that Yaraghi had pre-planned a surprise party to celebrate their relationship milestone.

Her friends had flown from across the country to celebrate the occasion, which was something Sellers noted that she was moved by.

The couple spent their entire weekend staying at a hotel nearby and enjoyed a big beach day, and dinners planned.