5 Facts On Scarlett Estevez, Including Her Boyfriend & Net Worth

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

American Actress Scarlett Estevez [Photo: Instagram/scarlye07]

Scarlett Estevez is an American actress who has gained prominence for her acting work in Daddy’s Home and its sequel. She is one of the shining stars in the showbiz industry.

Here is everything you need to know in brief about Estevez.

Celebrates Her Birthday on December 4

Scarlett Estevez was welcomed into this world on December 4, 2007, and has recently reached the age of sixteen.

Furthermore, Estevez’s fourteen birthday became incredibly special due to her New Orleans family. They organized a party by coordinating with Radiant Engagements and Cajun Cake Queen.

Estevez with her New Orleans Family. [Photo: Scarlett Estevez’s Instagram]

There is always something memorable happening on Estevez’s birthday. During her special day in 2017, Warner Bros. TV and Fox gifted her birthday goodies & thanked her for her contribution to their success.

Estevez’s occasions always become special because of her fan’s wishes and associated showbiz companies. It cannot be denied that her family and friends also fall among those who make it memorable.

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Estevez’s Net Worth From Acting Career

Estevez must have earned an admirable net worth, but exact round figures remain vague. She has earned wealth through her successful acting career in the showbiz industry since 2013.

Scarlett has a decent net worth. [Photo: Scarlett Estevez’s Instagram]

Likewise, Estevez played the role of Megan in the movie Daddy’s Home, which accumulated $242.8 million at the box office. She has played the same role in its sequel, which has a box office collection of $180.6 million.

The gorgeous lady, who stands at the height of 5′ 1½″, is also one of the main cast of the television series Lucifer, starring as Trixie Espinoza from 2016 to 2021. In 2023, she portrayed the role of Eden in Dew Drop Diaries for a total of 28 episodes.

Overall, Estevez continues to add money to her net worth through her uprising acting career.

Not Much Vocal About Her Romantic Life

Several celebrities try to keep their romantic relationship private, and Estevez is no exception. However, there were some cases where the public raised their speculations about her boyfriend.

In her Instagram post, Estevez once shared a picture with her fellow actor friend, Brandon Rossel. Many speculated about their possible romance, and one user even commented, “Is that your boyfriend?”

Estevez with Brandon Rossel. [Photo: Instagram]

However, neither side has confirmed if there is anything romantic between them. Also, Rossel was sharing a romantic relationship with a girl named Gabriela Elliot in 2021.

Moreover, she has often featured a guy named Will Bui Jr. He is also a popular TikTok content creator with a massive following on his TikTok account.

However, Estevez has clarified her relationship with him in one of her TikTok videos. She captioned it, “We are just friends and dont be weird plz and ty.”

With no concrete details, she currently leads a single life and doesn’t have a romantic partner.

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About Estevez’s Family

Scarlett Estevez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is the lovely daughter of Anthony Estevez and Samantha Weil, an actress known for her acting appearance in Gilmore Girls.

Estevez with her loving father. [Photo: Scarlett Estevez’s Twitter]

Estevez is not the only kid of her parents and has two siblings. She has an elder sister named Eloise and a younger brother named Ben.

The actress has also shared one more dad, Kevin Alejandro, her on-screen dad. On the other hand, she loves her father, Anthony, and brought him to the Kids Choice Awards as her date in 2016.

Her Views on Being an Actress

Estevez is often asked about the best and worst parts of being an actress, and she has answered it on her social media handle. She speaks out that the answer to both questions is so connected.

The Lucifer actress pointed out that the best part was when you’re working on a job and in a vortex where you are hyper-focused on that job. Estevez also found people, the location, and the story to be the best part.

However, the worst part Estevez felt was the transient nature of it all. She felt every project concludes, leaving memories, but you can’t revisit that moment with the same people.

Overall, Estevez leads a successful life as an actress in the movie industry. She also has a loving family and fans who support and love her.