Stefani Schaefer Posts About Her Husband Roger Once A While

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

Fox News Anchor Stefani Schaefer and her husband, Roger [Photo: Facebook/Stefani’s Profile]

Stefani Schaefer shared a happy life with her husband, Roger, whom she married in 1998. They also have two children and were raising them until an unfortunate event changed their lives.

An accident that happened to Schaefer’s better half impacted their smooth, happy life. Here are the details of their family and marital journey after the misfortune that they faced.

Resigned Guardianship of Her Husband

Stefani Schaefer resigned the guardianship of her husband and filed a paperwork in August 2013. She likely decided to resign after the suggestions of her family members, doctors, and lawyers.

Schaefer came to that conclusion to protect Roger’s then-ongoing care & do her best for her children. Roger’s spouse also noted that she had to protect her children financially and psychologically. She also concentrated on building a happier focus for their kids at home.

Roger had critical injuries that had devastating effects on both his long-term and short-term memory. He got injured after falling 12 feet from scaffolding while installing solar panels at a construction site. 

The injuries Roger suffered left him with aphasia, which is an inability to put names on people and objects. Also, her spouse could not recognize faces as he also suffered from visual agnosia.

Stefani Schaefer with her husband and kids. [Photo: Stefani Schaefer’s Instagram]

Surprisingly, amid all her troubles, speculations rose whether Schaefer was dating Mike Fratello, and rumors became strong when she sat with him at Donald Trump’s rally in 2016. Many also shared their opinions on their possible romance.

In 2022, the netizen shared in a tweet that they had been dating for a while and also tried to interview Trump. Moreover, one Twitter user commented, “that is his girlfriend.”

Regardless of these speculations, Schaefer is still married to her beau. Furthermore, she is also a family person and has raised her kids with love and care.

She occasionally posts about her significant other on her social handles and provides some updates on his well-being.

Moving forward, both of their children have grown up now. Their son’s name is Race, while their daughter’s is Siena.

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Schaefer and Roger’s Son Graduated From the Villanova University

Stefani Schaefer’s son, Race DePenti, graduated from Villanova University in May 2023. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attend his graduation ceremony in Philadelphia due to her injury at that time.

The beautiful lady feels so proud of her amazing son and all of the things he has accomplished. Also, she has raised her little one by herself since her beloved’s accident for over eleven years.

Stefani Schaefer with her loving son. [Photo: Stefani Schaefer’s Facebook]

Furthermore, DePenti is a sports lover and is interested in basketball. He is likely a Cleveland team fan and has met with professional basketball players like Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

Schaefer’s son is not entirely private and has an active social media presence. One can find his Instagram handle under the username @ race_d_.

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The Pair’s Daughter Is Making a Name for Herself as an Artist

The loving duo’s daughter, Siena, is an aspiring music artist and uploads her melodic songs on YouTube. Schaefer adores her daughter and has had a blast and a joy raising her.

Furthermore, Schaefer loved every single second of being Siena’s mom. She describes her as the light through all those days when she needed it most and can’t thank her enough for giving her love to the entire family.

Stefani Schaefer’s daughter, Siena. [Photo: Siena’s Instagram]

Siena has a growing music career and has released several songs on her YouTube channel. One of her most viewed videos on YouTube is the acoustic cover of MGK’s Bloody Valentine.

She has over 14K subscribers on her official music YouTube channel. One of her latest released songs is entitled “are you still there,” and her mother is also a supporter of her pursued career.

Overall, Siena and her brother Race have been the pillar for Schaefer after her husband’s accident. She has thanked everyone for their love, kindness, and support in this challenging journey.