TikToker Luvtheflex Apologizes for Posting Pics and Videos

Last Updated : September 13, 2022

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Taryn, a TikToker and Instagram user who goes by the handles @luvtheflex and @rightnaaa on the sites, has been in hot water for her social media activity.

For the last several months, she has been called out for frequently sharing lewd photographs on TikTok and Instagram. The problem is that she did this when she was still a minor.

She is now reacting to the critiques, particularly the abuse she has seen in recent months.

Luvtheflex Criticized and Harassed for “Soft Core Cp”

Luvtheflex has a sizable fan base on both Instagram and TikTok. She has around 290 thousand Instagram followers and 1.4 million TikTok followers. She had been uploading photographs that many people thought were improper. She has movies and photographs on both platforms showing herself in minimal clothes, sometimes lingerie or crop tops, sometimes skintight attire.

Her writings went viral on the internet, and many people chastised her for a variety of reasons.

She has received criticism for sharing what they consider “softcore CP,” and her age and the uncertainty surrounding it contribute to the debate.

Many believe she told them she was 15 a long time ago, and others even claim she told them she was 14. However, as of recently, she claims to be 16 years old.

Luvtheflex pic
Luvtheflex pic

Many people believe that her uploading possibly inappropriate and damaging images, or “normalising cp,” as one post described it, is alarming given that she is a kid.

Commenters on the same thread highlighted Luvtheflex’s mother’s approval of her deeds and the fact that she was still in eighth grade.

Another criticism was that she may have filled her garments and manipulated her figure in photos to seem more adult.

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Luvtheflex Responds to Criticism and Harassment

After months of receiving criticism and abuse from users on the network, Luvtheflex finally answered all of the remarks made at her throughout the dispute.

She used Instagram Stories to write a long post about the event. At the start of the first post, she said that it had been “exhausting being continually abused on every platform.”

She did not hesitate to accept any fault, but said that she done it “a long time ago,” and there was nothing she could do to rectify it. “I never once defended myself for the things I posted; I just accepted the criticism and moved on,” she wrote.

Then she launched into the charges. Luvtheflex confirmed that she did not “still post softcp,” and that her postings were identical to those of any other lady on the two sites.

She was upset that it was just she who was being harassed and produced recordings about it. The TikToker also chastised anybody who tried to profit from her and make her appear terrible.

“All of these videos are evidence that nobody allows other people grow and learn from their mistakes; they’re just seeking for ways to knock me down,” she charged.

Luvtheflex responds to the criticisms
Luvtheflex responds to the criticisms

She requested people not to lie about her age at the conclusion of the first article, and she had never posted her age on her bio until lately. She said that her birthday was in May and that she could not have turned 15 so recently.

In the following scenario, she thought she shouldn’t have to quit social media since everyone else couldn’t leave her alone and it was simple to block her if they didn’t like her.

She also shared a helpful note she received, which advised her to take her time dealing with all that was going on.

She has also acknowledged to sharing intimate images in a TikTok video. However, she said that she was unable to remove the images off the internet.

Taryn also discussed how people were encouraging her to “act her age,” which she conceded she had not been doing, but the threats of being de-platformed and death threats were worrying and tiresome.

Her Instagram account currently has three posts. However, several of her TikTok videos still had similar scathing remarks.

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