Toni Yates Remarried After Divorcing Her Husband Arthur Fennell?

Last Updated : October 8, 2023


Toni Yates’s journalism career is successful, but her love life has faced several ups and downs. The beautiful lady had an unsuccessful marriage with her former husband, Arthur Fennell.

However, Yates has moved on and shares a blissful romantic journey with her current partner, Quin Martin.

Yates And Martin’s Lovely Relationship

Toni Martin is enjoying the company of her beau, Quin Martin. Although several sites claim they are married, she hasn’t uploaded anything on social media about their marriage.

However, Yates and Quin likely completed their engagement ceremony in December 2018. She tweeted a photo featuring her family and a diamond ring.

In that post, Yates wrote, “Thank You Quin for sharing your children with us. Today we committed to loving them and each other forever” with a love emoji.

Toni Yates
Did Toni Yates announce her engagement via Twitter? [Photo: Twitter]

Yates has somewhat tried maintaining privacy surrounding her relationship. She has only shared some lovely pictures with her partner.

Well, Martin shares a close bond with his partner’s children. Alongside that, Yates also adores Martin’s two children from his previous relationship.

Fans learned about Martin’s kids through one of Yates’ tweets. She once replied to a Twitter user, penning, “[Lol emoji]. Yeah!![Lol emoji]. Let’s all laugh on that one. But Quin has 2 that I’m grateful he’s sharing with me.[Blush emoji].

Nevertheless, the gorgeous journalist hasn’t recently shared the pictures with Martin on her social handles.

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Why did Toni Yates Split With Arthur Fennell?

Toni Yates and Arthur Fennell shared a low-key marital life, and details of their romantic life remain vague. The specifics of their dating and marriage details remain unknown.

The news personality has never mentioned her former husband, Fennell, being tight-lipped. Also, he has kept himself private.

Toni Yates husband
Toni Yates was formerly married to Arthur Fennell. [Photo: Toni Yates’ Instagram]

Even though there is not much information surrounding Fennell, Yates possibly parted ways with her husband before 2015, as she was already in a romantic relationship with another man, Quin Martin, by that time.

On Facebook, she has shared photos with Quin as early as July 2015.

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Yates Is A Mother Of Three Children

Even though Yates has kept most details about her former marriage behind the curtains, what is known is that she is a mother of three children.

She has two daughters and a son named Sarah Austyn Fennell, Alexis Naomi Fennell, and Gabriel Wendell Harvey, respectively.

Considering their surnames, it looks like she had Sarah and Alexis when she was married to Arthur. In addition, her two other children from Quin are Justin and Jade.

Overall, Yates is a loving and caring mother who never misses out on sharing lovely pictures of her children on social sites. She is close to all of her kids, and Gabriel is possibly her favorite, as he often appears on her social posts.

Toni Yates kids
Toni Yates sharing smiles with her loving kids.[Photo: Toni Yates’ Instagram]

One of her sons, Justin, got his diploma with National Honor Society from North Hunterdon High School in 2020. Likewise, one of her daughters, Alexis, graduated from Temple Law School in May 2021.

Plus, Toni’s son Gabriel also completed his high school graduation in June 2021, as per her post on Instagram.

All in all, Toni Yates has moved on with her life after divorcing Arthur Fennell. She now shares a lovely relationship with her current beau, Quin Martin, and their children.