Trace Gallagher and His Wife Have Been Together Since the 90s

Last Updated : November 27, 2023

Trace Gallagher And His Wife

Trace Gallagher is enjoying his blissful marital life with his wife. They have appreciated each other’s company for several decades.

Further, their relationship has stood the test of time, and they still share a strong and unbreakable bond.

Nearly Three Decades of Marital Life

Gallagher and his partner, Tracy Gallagher (Holmes), have marked three decades of ecstatic married life. The journalist has mentioned his beautiful partner many times on his Instagram.

On their 28th anniversary, he penned how blessed he felt to have spent those years with his sweet wife and wished her a happy anniversary.

Gallagher and his wife have marked 29 years of togetherness. [Photo: Gallagher’s Instagram]

Similarly, during their 26th anniversary, the newscaster expressed that he couldn’t be more fortunate to get married to his stunning spouse. He raised a glass to her, whom he has referred to as his best friend and love of his life.

He has also wished his other half a happy birthday and has a photo of her as a screensaver on his smartphone. One individual on Instagram commented, “5:03 January 23, you’re a hopeless romantic.” And others wrote warm birthday wishes.

Further, he mentioned his mom during Mother’s Day. He and his spouse, who had given him those beautiful people and years, have missed her daily. Overall, he is blissfully married with a supportive partner and has shared many beautiful times.

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Confusion Surrounding Galagher’s Wife, Tracy

Gallagher, as a journalist, is frequently in the spotlight. Yet he has kept the background and details about his other half away from the public.

Based on other sources, Gallagher’s spouse is a travel journalist, writer, and news reporter who has been on the PBS TV show Travel Detective.

Gallagher’s partner is a private person. [Photo: Gallagher’s Instagram]

However, that wasn’t the case. Another girl named Tracy Gallagher has held all of the above-mentioned titles and isn’t Gallagher’s partner. That travel journalist is married and shares children with someone else.

Furthermore, his spouse has stayed away from the social media handles. Moreover, they also love traveling and exploring new places. They also relished their time in a famous restaurant, Flora-Bama.

Additionally, the lovely couples had an exciting time exploring Napa Valley, a renowned wine destination. Even though neither of them is seen playing any sports, they still entertain themselves by attending baseball and football games.

As a privacy-loving girl, she has kept her Instagram private and seems to enjoy a content life with her husband. Nevertheless, they have shared a great life for almost three decades and fulfilled their parents’ duties.

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Both of Their Daughters Have Grown Up

Gallagher and his wife Tracy are blessed with two pretty daughters, Evy Gallagher and Lila Gallagher. Both of them share a great bond.

Further, the girls’ parents are also proud of them and never miss celebrating their milestones, like one of the times when they were present at Evy’s high school graduation.

The journalist felt proud, and his daughter gave him joy for eighteen years and exceeded his expectations. The 23-year-old celebrates her birthday in October, and she graduated from the University of Alabama in May 2023.

Meanwhile, her sister, Laila, has kept herself from the limelight. Lila celebrates her birthday in April, and her sister affectionately calls her moochie.

Evy feels lucky to have a sister with the same hilarious sense of humor and clothing size as her. The lovely girl admitted that it couldn’t get better, and her sibling meant the world and loved her.

Evy seems to be in a relationship with Nick Carpino and has shared a picture of him giving a kiss on her cheeks. She wished him a happy birthday and said that he was still her favorite human and meant the whole world to her.

On the other hand, Lila has yet to mention her love life. All in all, Gallagher and his partner have great daughters who have made them proud beyond their expectations.