Actress Vivian Falcone’s Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Parents, Height, Net Worth, Now

Last Updated : March 4, 2022

Quick Info→Birthday: May 5Net Worth: $1.1 Million

Who is Vivian Falcone?

Vivian Falcone is a child actress best known for her debut movie, The Boss. She is a talented young lady with great acting skills. Falcone has gracefully played all her roles in the films she has been cast.

Vivan is also a star child, the oldest daughter of the Emmy-winning actress Melissa McCarthy and the popular director Ben Falcone. Because she is a star child, she has gotten spotlighted ever since she was a child.

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How Old is Vivian Falcone?

The star child was born on May 5, in the year 2007. Being a may baby, her zodiac sign is Taurus. The child actress is currently 14 but soon will be turning 15 years old in May of 2022.

Falcone was born in the United States, so she is an American. As for her ethnicity, the details of it haven’t been revealed.

Vivian Falcone’s Parents, Siblings

Vivian was born to a remarkable actress, Melissa McCarthy, and talented director, Ben Falcone. Both of the child actor’s parents have garnered quite a lot of fame in Hollywood.

The gifted star child also has a younger sister, Georgette, born on February 11, 2010.

Vivian Falcone with her family
Vivian Falcone with her family

Falcone’s parents made their Hollywood dreams come true together. They had dated for many years before getting married on October 8, 2005.

The child actor’s mother is originally from Illinois and worked as a stand-up comedian before rising to fame in different series and movies.

Likewise, Vivian’s father, Ben Falcone, also played a supporting role in films like What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) and Enough Said (2013). 

Later on, Ben started directing, and his debut movie was ‘Tammy,’ which starred his wife. McCarthy acts as the main lead in all the movies that Ben runs.


As for Vivan’s education, considering her age, she is probably in her middle school years. However, we don’t know if she is homeschooled or goes to a school; that information remains hidden.

Short Career

Being the oldest daughter of star parents, Vivan has been in the limelight ever since she was born. With how much the actress resembled her mother, Melissa McCarthy, Vivan’s father cast her in the movie’s Boss’ as the 10-year old Melissa McCarthy to show a younger version of her mother.

Likewise, the child star recently played another role as her mother’s childhood version in her parent’s 2021 Netflix Comedy feature named ‘Thunder Force.’

When Falcone’s parents were asked if or not she would continue acting in the future, the actor’s father, Ben Falcone, stated that both he and his wife didn’t plan to start their children’s career so early on in their lives.

So now, Vivian’s parents wish to focus on her education and say they will neither discourage nor encourage her towards acting agree.

Vivian Falcone Relationships

Vivian is very young to be in a serious relationship as she is not even 15 yet. However, if she has been in a relationship, the details haven’t been revealed to the media.

The child actor is currently single and doesn’t seem to have had any past relationship as there is no information available regarding it.

Vivian Falcone Net Worth

Considering that the actor is a child of two popular celebrities, we can assume that she has a good net worth.

Not only that, but at the young age of 14, she had started her career through which she has made a fair amount of wealth. As of 2022, Vivian’s net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million.

Physical Appearance

Vivian is a gorgeous young girl with dark brown colored hair and bright, beautiful eyes. However, the details of her body measurements are unavailable.

Vivian Falcone 6 Quick Facts

  • When Melissa was pregnant with Vivian, it was written in the show ‘Gilmore Girls’.
  • Television host Jenny McCarthy and  professional basketball player Joanne McCarthy are her maternal aunts.
  • Vivian is said to be the quiter one of the two sisters.
  • The child actor’s sister Georgette also debuted with the movie,’The Boss’.
  • Vivian was only 9 years old when she debuted on screen.
  • Her nicknames are,’Viv’ and ‘Vivi’.

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