Tamara Day’s Dad, Ward Schraeder’s Wife, Net Worth, and Age

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

Tamara Day’s Father, Ward Schraeder [Photo: Instagram/wardschraeder]

Ward Schraeder is a TV Personality and the father of a famous host and designer of Magnolia Network’s Bargain Mansions, Tamara Day.

He has enjoyed a blissfully married life with his wife and has co-starred with his daughter on that show. He has also served on the boards of many employees in different hospitals.

Almost Half a Century of Marital Life With Wife

Ward Schraeder has been blissfully married to his wife, Trish Schrader. They used to live in Iowa, where they had finished a renovation that was started by a professional crew along with the help of their kids.

Toward the end, the lovely couple had to work themselves because they didn’t have sufficient finances to provide for an outside crew. Schraeder and his wife are their children’s role models as they have taught them tricks of trades and the value of hard work.

Schraeder and his wife, Trish, have been married for a long time. This year, they will mark forty-nine years of togetherness. Before, they celebrated their forty-fifth anniversary with four kids and grandchildren in 2019.

Schraeder and his wife Trish have raised their kids well and are proud of them. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, the lovely couple are friendly humans who seem to make friends. Once, their lunch companion invited them to spend the afternoon playing French pool and sipping French wine in their private bar.

Furthermore, Schrader is also interested in musical instruments. The talented guy and his wife also went to buy a violin in Falkland.

The handy guy has collaborated with his daughter on the show and is mainly in the limelight. However, his wife has preferred a private life over a public one.

Trisha has no presence on social media handles and hasn’t appeared much in the pictures.

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Income and Earnings as Co-Host of Bargain Mansions

Ward Schraeder is now getting old. At this point in his life, he finds it lovely to have a purpose that the father and daughter can enjoy. He was also involved and served on the boards of many hospital and bank employees.

And, in all those enterprises, “Schraeder Family Partnership, LP” has had a considerable percentage of ownership. He has also developed a relationship with a fast-food company.

As a co-host of the Bargain Mansions, he could have earned around $27,000 to $104,000 annually. Further, he has also run a Condo in Colorado, where they charge an average of $218 per night.

He also has a YouTube channel, which has met the monetization criteria. Moreover, he also runs a podcast but has kept the income from this source a secret.

On the other hand, his daughter Tamara has made a fortune through her entertaining show. And, considering the popularity of her show, she could have a net worth of a substantial sum.

All in all, the father and daughter have enjoyed running the show as it is their hobby.

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Schraeder’s Father Is a WWII Veteran

The co-host’s father was an amazingly intelligent man and more patient than he hoped to be. In one of his Instagram posts, he honored his dad, a WWII Veteran.

During a father-son conversation, his old man once told him that if he needed to be told that his father loved me, then just saying it wouldn’t matter.

Schraeder never doubted his father for a second and never told him that, but his father’s actions spoke louder than his words.

He lost his father when the WWII veteran was 94 years old, but his mom is still alive and is above the age of 96. Furthermore, he wasn’t the only child, as the handy guy has three brothers.

Moreover, the TV personality also shared a family picture with his dad, mom, and three brothers, which was snapped in 1957.

Schraeder with his parents and siblings. [Photo: Instagram]

Nevertheless, Schraeder is in his 70s and misses his honorable father. He continues to be doing well in his work, along with his child.