Willow Nightingale and Her Partner Rex’s Togetherness of 6 Years

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

Professional Wrestler Willow Nightingale and her partner Rex Lawless [Photo: Instagram/rexlawless]

Willow Nightingale has been in a blissful relationship with her partner, Rex Lawless, for over six years. Lawless thanked her during their fifth anniversary for tolerating the least romantic person that he claimed to be.

They are still uplifting each other and holding each other close while equally doing great in their professional life.

They Fell for Each Other in a Wrestling Show

Lawless and Nightingale met at the New York Wrestling Connection show and fell in love. He revealed that was the place where they met and fell in love while announcing their upcoming show in NYWC in 2021.

Moreover, Nightingale feels fortunate to have her partner with her, and everything she says about her man is sweet and mushy.

Nightingale and her partner are accomplished wrestlers. [Photo: Nightingale’s Instagram]

A user in the comment section also penned, “You guys are [expletive] adorable.” In the same post, others have shown their support with emojis and GIFs.

Furthermore, on her third anniversary, Nightingale made an Instagram post stating that she felt that parts of her life had crumbled around her. And her boyfriend’s support has continued to comfort and reassure her.

She said that they were imperfect humans but were perfect for each other. Overall, the duo enjoy their love life while supporting and uplifting each other professionally.

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Nightingale Played a Mixed Tag Team Match With Her Partner

As a wrestling couple, they collaborated in 2018 on a mixed tag team match against another duo: Terra Calaway and Jeff Cannonball. It was a family-friendly event that was held in Manville, New Jersey. Besides the mixed tag team, she has also gained many achievements in wrestling.

Nightingale played a mixed tag team along with her partner. [Photo: Lawless’s Facebook]

In all elite wrestling, she was honored with the Women’s Owen Hart Cup in 2023 and named NYCW Starlet Championship two times in New York Wrestling Connection. Further, she has also achieved the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Moreover, Pro Wrestling Illustrated has ranked her 8th among the top 250 female wrestlers in 2023. She has been nicknamed “The Babe With The Power.” Likewise, her lover, Lawless, has been honored with the NYWC Tag Team Championship four times and a NYWC Fusion Championship by New York Wrestling Connection.

Furthermore, he was also named the FBW Tag Team Championship two times. And he has been nicknamed “The Pectoral Poseidon.” Plus, both have played Mix Tag Team with other wrestlers and achieved glorious victories in the matches.

Nevertheless, the duo are great wrestlers with many career accolades and honors.

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Lawless Had Helped Her During Surgery

Nightingale had to go through a neck surgery way back in 2019, but the good news was that she had a loving boyfriend who was helping her through every step of the way. Her lover helped her by raising funds through GoFundMe.

She had broken her leg and needed to raise $5,000 for her surgery. Lawless raised $5,695 out of $5,000, and 129 people donated. Users in the comment section wished her a speedy recovery and said she was strong, talented, charismatic, and beautiful.

Her other half had shared the fundraising campaign through his Twitter account. After a few days, he tweeted that she was out of surgery, and the surgeon had said that everything went well and they had fixed everything.

He then wrote she should be back on her phone again. One of her fans said it was wonderful news and hoped for a swift recovery. It took over a year to recover after the surgery, as she tweeted on the 5th anniversary of her first professional wrestling match.

Eventually, she recovered, and now the wrestler is enjoying her life, spreading smiles through slams and suplexes. All in all, Nightingale has a great lover who has cared for her and is by her side when she needs it.