Winta Zesu Grew Up in a Family of Five

Last Updated : February 25, 2024

Fashion Model and YouTuber Winta Zesu [Image: Instagram/winta_zesu]

Winta Zesu has caught many’s attention by enraging the internet. She is mainly known for her entitled persona, which she revealed was set up and meant to be satirical.

Nevertheless, because of her fame, many have shown curiosity to know about her family. Did you know she grew up with two sisters? Here’s more about her personal life.

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Grew Up in Ethiopia with Her Family

Zesu was born on November 1, 2000, in Ethiopia. Her surname also originated from ancient Ethiopia.

Having been born and raised there, she grew up in a family of five. She has two sisters, Bethany Zesu and Vicky Zesu, with whom she shares a close bond.

Unfortunately, the information about Winta Zesu’s parents remains a mystery. Nevertheless, she has occasionally made videos with her sister, Vicky.

Zesu’s dad, mom, and sister, Vicky. [Photo: Vicky Zesu Facebook]

In one such video, Vicky and Winta answered some of the questions asked by their fans. One of the questions was if they ever wished to have a brother. In reply to that, Winta stated that she did and that it was nice to have that perspective.

The model further stated, “Because we’re all girls and I just don’t know what it’s like to have a brother. I mean I have dad but like in a brother form a way, somebody to fight with when I was growing up.”

Nevertheless, Zesu stayed in Ethiopia until the age of 17 and then moved to the USA, where she attended the University of Kentucky. After spending four years there, she moved to New York.

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Zesu’s Sister Is Also a Model

While studying at the University of Kentucky, Zesu was signed by a local modeling agency. After graduating college, she decided to take a gap year and moved to New York, where she was signed to another modeling agency. Eventually, she started doing modeling gigs.

Like her, Zesu’s sister, Vicky, is also a model. Vicky graduated from the University of Kentucky in June 2023. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Kinesiology degree.

Zesu’s sibling, Vicky, graduated from the University of Kentucky. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, Vicky had transferred there from Concord University, where she’d spent her freshman year. In terms of her professional life, she worked part-time in Patient Transport at Crothall Healthcare from November 2018 to November 2019.

After that, Vicky worked as a part-time Hospital Service Technician at Agiliti from January 2020 to September 2020. From August 2019 to December 2021, she was a Radiology student at the University of Kentucky, from where she received an Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology/Science.

Since 2021, she has been a fashion model at Wilhelmina in Manhattan, New York. As a model, Winta’s sister has walked on different runways, including New York Fashion Week.

She is also active on YouTube, where she boasts 2.35K subscribers. She opened the channel in August 2019 and has been doing well on it and in modeling.

Unfortunately, what her other sister does remains a mystery. Overall, Winta seems to be doing well, and so are her siblings. Hopefully, she will reveal more information about her family.