Zarna Garg’s Husband Said Their Kids Came From Walmart

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

Comedian and Screenwriter Zarna Garg with her husband and children [Photo: Facebook/zarnagarg]

Zarna Garg has led a blissfully married life with her husband, Shalabh Garg. She has begun a podcast, The Zarna Garg Show, with her family, where they discuss many topics.

On their podcast’s first episode, her spouse joked that they got their three children from Walmart after their daughter said, “I didn’t think you guys ever had s*x.”

Garg Discussed The Intimate Matters With Her Husband, Sons, and Daughter

Mrs. Garg said that her family was shooting the podcast because she found out that families are no longer sitting together around the dinner table, and the conversation between them isn’t really happening.

Garg, with her family, now runs a podcast. [Photo: Garg’s Instagram]

During their first episode, The S*x Talk, they discussed intimate matters with their children. Both of them first of all addressed their eldest daughter Zoya, who is a 20-year-old and has been attending college.

Zoya had joined them virtually from New York City. Garg asked her cute one, “Is this something your generation stresses about?”. Zoya then said that the only thing that stressed her was that her folks never talked about those matters.

Garg, looking towards her partner, asked, “Shalabh, we talked to her about it, right?” After getting brushed off by her spouse, she added, “We said don’t do it.”

As the podcast went on, they had a wholesome conversation about the topic with their son, Briji, who is a 17-year-old and a rising senior in New York City public high school. Plus, their youngest 11-year-old son was also present during the conversation.

Generally, the talk about intimate matters is when the parents sit the kids down for some facts, but in the Garg family, it was completely the opposite.

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She Has Been Together With Her Husband For 24 Years

Garg and her better half, Shalabh, exchanged their wedding vows in December 1998. Further, to celebrate their 24th anniversary, she bought one more tree in her apartment, and her lover bought one more monitor.

The husband-wife duo are no strangers to humor.

She had uploaded a sarcastic dispute with her spouse on TikTok. Well, when her man asked her to throw the tree out, which was destroying their $10,000 curtains, she angrily replied the tree was going nowhere.


Just celebrated 24 years of togetherness – I bought one more tree, and he bought one more monitor. Happy 24 years together #indianmom #indianparents #indiancomics #momlife #teenkids #husband #zarnagarg #newyear #holidays #2023 #comedy #anniversary

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Then Garg blamed her lover for the radiation that he was spreading because he had put many computer screens in her bedroom. She joked that the radiation was going to kill her, and her poor tree was trying to save her life.

Shalabh couldn’t argue anymore and said that he needed a new apartment and couldn’t do with her. His wife then pushed him to go to his own apartment and said to also take the kids with him.

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Her Spouse Is a Hedge Fund Manager

Garg’s other half is a skilled professional as he has completed his bachelor’s in BTech, Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. Then, in order to pursue his master’s, he went to Columbia Business School, where he completed his master’s in Business Administration.

Initially, he worked at Morgan Stanley as their Vice-President for three years. After gaining experience there, he served as Chief Investment Officer in Nomura Asset Management for more than 15 years.

He also worked as a Portfolio Manager at HC Technologies, LLC for almost 2 years.

Garg’s husband is an experienced fund manager. [Photo: Garg’s Instagram]

Then he worked as Executive Director for Fort L.P. but didn’t serve there for long and is now serving as Co-Founder and Co-CIO for Tesseract Macro.

He launched Tesseract Macro to run a managed futures strategy. Their company offers old-school directional trading, targeting old-school returns with daily liquidity.

Overall, Garg and Shalabh are both successful in their professional endeavors and have also managed to spend quality time with their family.