Adriene Mishler’s Wedding Is Set To Take Place This Month

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Adriene Mishler with Chris Sharpe
Adriene Mishler with Chris Sharpe [Photo: Instagram/adrienelouise]

American yoga instructor and actress Adriene Mishler has been in a relationship with Chris Sharpe. The two have been engaged for more than a year.

She will be tying the knot with her soon-to-be husband this month. And she announced it uniquely.

Announced Her Wedding Alongside Her Yoga Calendar

Mishler announced her wedding on the last day of October, alongside her Yoga calendar. She said that she was getting married in November.

Furthermore, she added she felt the powerful nourishment of her yoga practice was holding her, supporting her, and providing her space to explore her presence.

The gorgeous couple got engaged in July 2022, on a hot summer night among the trees of the Austin Greenbelt during their favorite time of day. One year later, she shared some pictures from her engagement, flaunting her beautiful ring.

Adriene Mishler and her partner engaged in July 2022 at Austin [Source: Mishler’s Instagram]

Her friend Katie Vada made the ring at VADA. It was the best day of her life, and she was grateful for this dance with her beloved partner.

The pair also celebrated their engagement in the restaurant Justine’s Brasserie, where they met for the first time.

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More About Her To Be Husband

Despite being a partner of a famous actress and yoga instructor, her beloved partner has no social media accounts.

She said, “This and a trillion other things I love about him.” She wished him a Happy Birthday and added that she never understood why someone would wish a birthday on Instagram if they weren’t ever going to see it.

The yoga teacher now understood and stated in the comments, “When you love someone like this, you wake up and want to shout it from the rooftops. And when you wake up on the day they were born, you want to invite everyone to celebrate him with you.”

Adriene Mishler’s partner isn’t on social media [Source: Mishler’s Instagram]

Every day is glorious for her, and he is a miraculous man. They have precious, curious, holy, fun, and expansive each day.

The pair shares a close bond. The two also have a dog named Benji. In July 2022, they spontaneously took Benji to the Grand Canyon on the drive home from Washington. Their pet was also present during their engagement.

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Confusions Surrounding Mishler’s Love Life

Netizens are so confused regarding her love life. People are perplexed if her fiance is the same Chris Sharpe married to Hilah Johnson.

Therefore, netizens took the topic on Reddit and began discussing it. Nevertheless, Mishler and Sharpe are just business partners. He is married to his wife and welcomed a son with her.

In addition, a rumor is circulating online that Mishler is pregnant. It all started in July when she shared a picture where her belly was slightly out. She shows her palm placement on her abdomen, which piqued the interest of netizens.

Rumors circulated on the internet about Adriene Mishler being pregnant [Source: Mishler’s Instagram]

People began to congratulate her, claiming she was pregnant. Furthermore, some of them also inquired as to whether she was pregnant.

On the other hand, some netizens stated that everybody who commented on whether or not this was a pregnancy announcement should consider the pain that it could bring if it weren’t.

Adding fuel to the rumor, she also shared a prenatal yoga video on her YouTube page, stoking speculation that she was pregnant.

Nonetheless, she hasn’t said anything about it on social media. She might be teaching some yoga moves suitable for all trimesters and levels, which are effective practices for all stages of pregnancy.