Alone’s Alan Kay Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Exclusive Facts

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Who Is Alan Kay?

Alan Kay is the winner of History Channel’s premiere season of ALONE and a retired law enforcement officer born and raised in Georgia. He spent much of his childhood in the woods, building shelters with his beloved hatchet.

Kay’s love of the woods intensified over time. By the time he was in his twenties, he had developed the abilities and attitude required to adapt and survive in any environment. So, he joined the season by taking a one-year leave from his job at the Department of Corrections.

Kay outlasted nine other guys by spending 56 days alone in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island) wilderness with no camera crew, human contact, many predators, and severe, damp weather. He had to film everything himself.

Short Bio
Real/Birth Name:Alan Kay
Profession:TV Personality
Famous As:Alone Season 1 (Winner)
Family and Siblings
Father:Alan Kay's Father
Name Not Available
Personal Life
Date of Birth:August 17th, 1975, Sunday
Age (As of 2023):48 Years Old
Birth Place:Blairsville, Georgia, USA
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Home Town:Blairsville
Relationship Status
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Alan Kay and his wife Stefany Thurmond
Stefany Thurmond
Physical Stats
Weight Loss:60 Lbs
Hair Type:Short
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Colour:Brown
Achievement:Alone Season 1 Winner
Income & Assets
Net Worth:$500 Thousand (Estimated)
Salary: N/A

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His Short Bio

Kay was born on August 17, 1975, in Blairsville, Georgia, USA. As of 2023, he is 48 years old. He is holding the lion astrological sign, Leo. He is an American citizen and follows Christianity.

Has Kay Divorced His Wife?

Alan Kay shared a marital life with his wife, Stefany Thurmond. However, he has kept the details of his wife low-key under the wrap away from prying public eyes.

However, Kay’s wife was featured after he won the Alone, and he was happy to see her after a long time. He also showcased love towards his kids and was glad to be around them.

Kay rarely used to post about his wife on his social media but has wholly stopped doing so. One of his Facebook posts captioned, “Spent some time with my gorgeous wife, sans little people. Thanks, Nana and Papa!”

Alan Kay with his loving wife. [Source: Facebook]

Fans may feel surprised, but it has been reported Kay has gone through a divorce per the reports of TheCinemaholic. The reason and specifics of divorce remain vague or unknown for now.

Is Nicole Apelian Kay’s Romantic Partner?

Speculations have also risen about whether Kay is dating Nicole Apelian. Furthermore, he has also made an appearance on Apelian’s Instagram post, where she mentioned that he spent time with her family.

The Outlook has stated that Kay and Apelian are partners. Per this public domain, they were nestled in North Portland’s Portsmouth neighborhood and spent time in a second home on the Oregon coast.

Speaking of Apelian, she participated in season two of Alone. The beautiful lady is the mother of three kids, Quinn, Colton, and Beau, who sadly died on May 19, 2013.

Moreover, several folks have also discussed that Kay and Apelian are together on Reddit. One of the users wrote, “I just found out Nicole (season 3) and Alan (season 2) are together? Mind blown.”

Netizens discussed Alan Kay and Nicole Apelian being together. [Source: Reddit]

Overall, it seems they are seeing each other, but neither has made any official confirmation.

Nicole Apelian

Alan and his partner Nicole shared knowledge about survival skills and emergency preparedness training. Both of them live in the same neighborhood in North Portland. Although they appeared in different seasons of the History Channel Show Alone, they later connected after filming for a commercial.

Alan Kay’s Net Worth

The expert has many things under the shade. Unfortunately, his wealth also falls under it. Looking at some sources, his estimated net worth is $500 Thousand.

What Is Alan Kay Doing Now?

For the past 15 years, he has passed down his survivalist expertise (wilderness survival, preparedness, and self-defense) as a private instructor to people, especially children, across America.

Alan Kay teaching Outdoor Survival skills to the homeschool group
Alan Kay teaching Outdoor Survival skills to the homeschool group (Source: Facebook)

His Best Meal While on Vancouver Island

The best meal he had was a tiny fish, and a couple of Dungeness crabs steamed on a bed of seaweed. There were also a couple of limpets and mussels in there.

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Picked Kukri Over Other Style Of Knife

Because, in his view, it is the most versatile-edged instrument on the earth. It is the only instrument that covers the gap between knives and axes.

What Are the Ten Things He Took With Him on Vancouver Island?

1. Saw
2. Ax
3. Sleeping bag
4. Large 2-quart pot
5. Ferro rod
6. Water bottle/canteen
7. 300 yards single filament line with 25 assorted hooks
8. Small gauge gill net
9. 3.5lb wire
10. Knife (kukuri)

What Will Be Any of the Ten Items He Would Like to Change He Brought in Hindsight?

He said he would change two things, his boot, and his sleeping bag, into a modular sleep system.

Other Quick Facts and Trivia

  • He loves poetry, and he tries to memorize a lot of it.
  • He would say that the bagpipes are one of the most affecting parts for him in terms of music. When he hears bagpipes, he experiences an array of complex emotions to put into words.
  • He is also skilled in combative arts such as barehanded, stick, and knife fighting.
  • Kay stated that it has been challenging to adapt to ordinary life even 15 months after returning from the Island.
  • On an Island, he used to brew tea from hemlock tree needles (a good source of Vitamin C). He also made use of the tree’s sap. Since he had no toothpaste, he’d simmer it down and use it as a mouthwash or antibacterial.
His wife took the photo after arriving at his cabin after being in the woods for 56 days. (Source: Facebook)
  • When he came home after spending 56 days on the Island, he couldn’t sleep the first night because of the hum of electricity; he felt as if it was just sensory overload.
  • He used to try to locate elders in his community to talk to about things because he didn’t have a degree in it. And he believes that “you may learn a lot about something through someone’s story that you won’t find in a book.”

What is Alone on The HISTORY Channel?

Alone is an American reality television series that airs on History. It covers the self-documented daily hardships of ten individuals (seven paired teams in season 4) as they attempt to survive alone in the woods for as long as possible with only a limited supply of survival gear.

The participants are segregated from each other and all other people except for medical check-ins. They can “tap out” at any time or be removed if a medical check-in is failed. The contender who lasts the longest receives $500,000. Grand prize.

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